Reviews Policies

There will be reviews published on this blog. Unless otherwise stated, all reviewed products and/or services were either purchased by myself or received for the purpose of review from a stated source. All reviews, regardless of origination of reviewed product are given with complete honesty, transparency and full disclosure. Any complaints or corrections that the owner or developer of a reviewed product may have that they feel would impact the review significantly may be directed to the blog administrator by e-mailing and putting "Concerning Subject Review" as the stated source. Any e-mails NOT from a party without an authorized interest in the reviewed product will be deleted.

Ratings Explanations

We operate under a simple, five star system here, so it goes they way you'd expect. Ratings are given a number of stars where 1=lowest and 5=highest. Your star ratings mean the following (yes I know my stars are diamonds sheesh people you'll live):

♦ - I do not believe there is anyone who could feasibly wear this and smell good. I didn't put it in words, but it smells like poop. Do not want.

♦♦ - I have a really hard time imagining anyone enjoying this fragrance, but that doesn't mean there is no one, no where who would. Definitely try before you buy.

♦♦♦ - Three stars is a generic "meh". I probably don't like it that much, but I don't hate it either. I definitely see there being a market for this scent, it just doesn't appeal to me.

The following are important with minor distinctions

♦♦♦♦ - This is a great scent. It wears well and has nice sillage. I love this fragrance and strongly recommend it to most consumers.

♦♦♦♦♦ - This is a great scent. I love all the notes, I love the wet notes, I love the dry down. It has good longevity and the sillage suits my needs. Because of how special this fragrance is, I don't know if it would suit most consumers. Highly suggested that you try before you buy.

I hope everyone is able to understand the distinction between four and five stars. With most mass market scents I review, you'll be most likely to see a three or four-star rating. With most independent or exclusive fragrances you'll see a two or a five-star rating. I hope to god I never have to give a one-star rating!

If I rate fragrance services or companies, obviously, some things will be tweaked. I may also offer my opinion on other items such as food or cosmetics, all with the intention of enhancing your mindful, olfactory journey. The meaning behind each rating choice will be right on the rating page. Hope this helps and that you have fun discovering new fragrance with me! Pleasant journeys~