The Deets

This blog is NOT big enough to need this page, but I don't want to take the chance that it gets more popular and then I forget. So here's the deets, peeps.

  • This blog is written by me, myself and I, one Holly Golightley.
  • Any compensation provided in exchange for my HONEST reviews will always be disclosed.
  • Any revenue generated by this blog is through the ads and affiliate links on site. Clicking the ads is 100% optional and will not affect your experience on the blog.
  • All products mentioned on this blog were purchased with my own money, or were provided through the disclosed company for HONEST review. Affiliate links may be present and will be clearly marked.
  • All opinions are my own and are based 100% on my own experiences with the product.
  • If you are the rightful owner of either a sourced or unsourced image that appears on this site, please e-mail the administrator at to have your image removed.
  • You can leave a comment or e-mail with any requests. It doesn't have to be new scents, either - any perfume, cologne, home or body scent is open. The only caveat? I retain the right to decline a request if it does not interest me, or if I am unable to get the product.

That said, we all have different body chemistry and we all like different scents. By making a purchase based on an Eau no/Holly G review, you are agreeing that you understand the nature of fragrance and will not hold Eau no/Holly G liable for any physical, emotional or monetary suffering you may occur.

If you cannot agree with the above statement, feel free to try one of these family-friendly entertainment sites. Affiliate links, beware!

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