Monday, May 14, 2018

The Review : Burberry My Burberry Blush

As I just wrote that title, my fingers automatically typed out "My Murberry" which says a lot on how I feel towards this fragrance, and Burberry scents in general. Spoiler alert.

Image via Macy's

I've purchased the Deluxe Perfume Sampler from Sephora, and have begun the process of deciding which scent to redeem for the full size. It's not this one. Spoiler alert. What I DID decide to do was offer reviews of some of the scents I have chosen to NOT redeem for - but only the scents that are new to me. So, no Flowerbomb or French Grey reviews, as if you needed them. (Flowerbomb is terrible and French Grey is lovely but I don't plan to redeem for either due to this or that.)

We start off with My Burberry Blush eau de parfum and I am going to start my mini rant, which is this - in my (very humble) opinion, please fashion houses, don't do perfume.

There are some exceptions. Chanel. Balenciaga. Issey Miyake. Tom Ford. Hell, I will even give Gucci and D&G a pass. But not Burberry. Oh no, not Burberry.

To a fault Burberry fragrances are terrible, and My Burberry Blush is no exception. I'm talking men's AND women's scents here, people. Awful. Just awful. The creative director at House Burberry needs to return to figuring what else they can put plaid on, instead of allowing these monstrosities that are labeled "perfume" to continue.

Okay, well, now you know my opinion. Let's talk about the scent.

30mL eau de parfum retails for $68 USD. According to Sephora "My Burberry Blush steps back into a London garden as it awakens in the first light of day. Capturing the senses, blossoming flowers open with a burst of energy, while dapples of glowing light weave, twist, and turn through the flora. Created by perfumers Francis Kurkdjian and Christopher Bailey, the fragrance opens with sharp pomegranate fused with vibrant lemon. Delicate rose petal notes are lifted with crisp apple, while a base of jasmine and wisteria round off the scent for an intensely feminine touch."

Mr. Kurkdjian I am appalled. Maison Kurkdjian has always provided innovative, classic French perfumery, not to mention your work on Carven le Parfum and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea both of which I have and love. To see your name on these Burberry "perfume" options is quite distressing. I am vexed. I must have a chair, and my smelling salts. I am so very British-ly offended at this moment. Let's move on.

The top notes are lemon and pomegranate, with a heart of geranium, rose, and apple. Our base notes are jasmine and wisteria, and we begin to see a problem. In an effort to make this scent truly "blush" composition and depth has been  sacrificed for this airy sweetness that has no true substance.

I am slightly prejudiced in this matter, as I am no fan of apple as a scent component. That isn't to say that if Blush were a truly beautiful and unique scent, it wouldn't work. As it is, this fragrance has clearly been developed to cater to the mass market, and I have no doubt it will do so (it has 4.4/5 stars on Sephora at the time of this writing) but unfortunately, there is no longevity, no decent sillage, and certainly no composition to make this scent a true stand out in the long run, even from Burberry.

My rating: ♦♦ - A safe enough scent to gift this Mother's Day (well, belated Mother's Day) but nothing that will make an impression or be memorable in the long run. The perfume version of a gas station floral bouquet.

Luckily, the next scent I have tried and passed is much nicer than this - surprisingly, since this House, too, I have been underwhelmed with. Until then.

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