Saturday, April 28, 2018

Final Collection Video!

It has been a VERY long time in coming, but with this, I've wrapped up my collection videos. I'm still waiting to hear from Scentbird about doing sponsored content, hint hint. 😜

Perfume Collection

Here is the playlist for my FULL collection of perfume. Advance warning - there is a LOT.
Take a look and see what I have - make sure to let me know if there is a scent you'd like to have a review on!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Welcome, welcome!

To the totally new and revamped blog! Formerly known as Olfactory Exploits, we are becoming Eau No! A Perfume blog for the real consumer.

Most posts from here on out will be reposts of my YouTube fragrance videos, but I might do a text post now and then. My goal is to make fragrance accessible and easy for the average consumer. So, if you like:

  1. Indie perfumes (Solstice Scents, Arcana)
  2. Mid-range Fragrance (Marc Jacobs, Gucci, MUGLER)
  3. Niche scents (Kilian, Byredo, Le Labo)
  4. High-end scents (Guerlain, Tom Ford, Bond No. 9)
This is now the place for YOU! Drop me a comment in that comment box if you'd like a specific brand or scent reviewed.

Some of my previous series will continue on - gift guides, fragrance notes, and the fragrance face-off. I am very excited to be bringing you this new content!

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Let's get ready to have the fragrance time of our lives!