Saturday, February 3, 2018


Every so often I come to this life crossroads. It arises sometimes after months, sometimes after years, but as I wander the nameless way, I will come to it eventually.

Do I choose life? Or death?

I have never been good enough. I am always the one who has to try harder, work longer, do better and yet I still seem to lose out to someone who is much... more than I am.

More everything.

So here I am. The people I wish I could talk to... they don't want to listen to me. They have lives and problems of their own. So I talk to myself, but I have no good answers. How could I? I have never been in a position to gain the knowledge to answer questions about what I don't know!

If I did, I wouldn't have to ask.

My path diverged. Three choices. A fork in the road.

And I? I choose the one less traveled by.

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