Thursday, January 18, 2018


Boo I usually do this at my main site. Boo, I don't have another post full of my meaningful insights (lots of eye rolling here)

But I wanna freaking read my tarot, so I'm going to. I don't think reading for myself is professional enough for the "main" site, so it's here. Suck it, bitches.

Using the Celtic tarot which I can hardly put down (but I ordered Dreams of Gaia today and I. AM. SO. EXCITE. I also ordered Sexual Fantasies (or something like that) tarot, for you pervs out there. 変態野郎

First cards - 4 of Pentacles with The Sun (XIX) reversed. Very accurate. very true. These cards are showing me that I got to complacent with the status quo of my life, and because of that what was good, became hidden from me. I have work to do to bring back the light. But the sun can hurt as well as heal, so I need to make a distinction between that which looks nice from the outside, and that which is truly a boon.

Second Card - 9 of Pentacles. The second time this has shown up in a private reading lately, and for good measure. There are many of us who have been working hard on ourselves, and we are reaching the point of time in which we will reap those benefits.

Third Card - 8 of Chalices. The road is long and hard, and pave with tears. I am so close. So close, I can feel it in my bones. Just a little further.

Fourth Cards - 3 of Chalices and Death (XIII). There is beauty in the three. They are happy, they are celebrating, but death comes in the night - not for evil purposes but to force change. No longer can I enjoy the blissful idea of future happiness if I am not creating change in myself of the world. It's not right. (Note both cards came out reversed but I did not read them that way, as I felt that was not correct. Sometimes the shuffling mixes things up and our guides have to set us straight.)

Fifth Cards - King of Wands and 3 of Pentacles. This king is an imposing king, actually the first I have seen from this deck. What he is saying to me is that I need to look deeper - the surface may seem one way, but he's too closed off from the world. He needs a Queen who is not afraid to stand by him. The 3 of Pentacles is a reminder that no matter how comfortable I feel, there is always work to be done. It never ends. I may not necessarily be the one called to do this work, but I have take up this mantle, and that requires my commitment.

And one for Archangel Oracle to bring in some light.

"Remember Who You Are"

The text reads:  Archangel Michael says "you are a powerful, loving, and creative Child of God. You are very loved."

How apropos a message, when I feel as if no one really loves me at this point in my life. Heaven does. My guides do.So I will give that love back to whomever needs it.

Also, I supposed I should disclaim that I live in a state where both medical and recreational cannabis is legal so it is possible that some posts may be made under the influence. This wasn't... you'll know when it was. Until then.

PS: I love you.

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