Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Wowwwww it is really, really fucking nice to have somewhere that I can just put all my thoughts down again. Like I said before, I needed to add private registration on this domain (so don't go sneaking around to WHOIS thinking you can figure shit out, because I promise I am smarter than you, and I can work the internet better than you, so don't test me).

What I really wanted to talk about was dating, though. In the 14+ years I was off the dating market, women I know made it sound like guys were suuuuchh assholes, and things like Tinder, Bumble, Match, all that internet dating bullshit, that had made them even BIGGER assholes because now they have more options.

You know what, though? Guys haven't changed. They have ALWAYS been like this, and yeah, the internet made it easier, but I am well aware of the games men play - they've been playing them FOREVER.

Case #1 - the guy I slept with, multiple times, who was engaged to his PREGNANT FIANCEE.
Case #2 - the guy I slept with, multiple times, who had a PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND.
Case #3 - the guy I slept with, that said we were "exclusive", but that he couldn't see me for a week because his cousin was coming from California... oh, she turned out to BE HIS LONG DISTANCE GIRLFRIEND.
Case #4 - the guy I had a massive crush on, visited on my lunch break, talked, flirted, hung out with, but he "wouldn't date me because girls like me just aren't his type". Okay, but why would you NOT TELL ME that right away? When you knew I liked you for weeks?

ALL OF THESE THINGS happened before internet dating was even a thing. I met ALL of these guys in person, there was NO question about anyone's motives. So, what about AFTER internet dating?

Case #1 - Meet guy on Tinder, wants to have sex, has girlfriend in "real life".
Case #2 - Meet guy on Tinder, have sex, NEVER hear from him again, has blocked me on all apps.
Case #3 - Meet guy on Tinder, wants to have sex has girlfriend in "real life".
Case #4 - Meet guy on Tinder, he is very sweet and charming, go on several dates, the moment I decline sex he becomes verbally abusive to the point that I have to block him on all phone and apps.

Okay, the circumstances may be different, but do you see what I am saying here? The INTERNET didn't make men assholes - They were ALREADY assholes, and the internet just made it EASIER.

Women aren't any better though! I am not claiming that women are so pure and virtuous. Listen, I am definitely, absolutely looking for the right person that I can be fucking happy and in love with for the rest of my life. I thought I'd already found that, and sadly I was wrong, but what can you do. In the MEANTIME, thought, I just want intimacy, just like any other functioning adult. I'm bisexual, who cares, that's so 2005.

But women are just as bad! Woman act like, since you're both women, they can do and say things that you'd NEVER accept from a man - that they can force emotional intimacy, with someone they've never done more than exchange a few lines of text with... and I should trust you because we both have vaginas? You invite me out to the woods for a "drinking party" and I shouldn't expect to get serial murdered, just because we were both born with uteruses? I don't think so. Nope.

So don't come to me, saying how fucking HARD it is to date in the digital age - it's not hard. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME. The methods are different, but people haven't changed! We're all still shitholes trying to fucking get it in, so we can feel less shitty for a while.

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