Monday, November 14, 2016

Episode 60: MUGLER Angel MUSE (or, Heaven, Something Like Heaven)

I think I have mentioned it before that Thierry Mugler (now apparently house MUGLER) is one of my favorite perfumers. Angel is my all time favorite perfume (partially for scent, partially for nostalgia) and I quite enjoy the original Alien as well.

One thing I like most about MUGLER are the constant variations of the original Angel that are released. My favorites so far have been Angel le Lys and Angel Innocent (the pink bottle... that was... Secret). The newest version, however, may be my favorite of them all. Let's talk about Angel Muse, shall we? It has been a long time coming.

Angel Muse has become My Muse

Thierry Mugler or house Mugler as I will now refer to it, released Muse in 2016, a "futuristic gourmand". Well, the future is here. I will tell you straight off the jump that if you like the original Angel, you will likely enjoy Muse as well.
Image property olfactory-exploits

First - the flacon is beauty, reminiscent of Angel's star but with a much more modern twist. It truly does seems like a spaceship, or some other futuristic device. The packaging is silver, and the glass is a light pinkish-amber, which matches well the description of the flacon being a "cosmic pebble"
But what about scent? Oh my, you are in for a treat. If you enjoy gourmand, but find them too sweet, please, please sample Muse. The top notes are grapefruit and pink pepper, but they dry down quickly and the mid notes of hazelnut cream and rose begin to shine through. They last a good time and the sillage is impeccable - not to strong, but not so light that you can't catch a whiff every now and then. The base notes are vetiver and patchouli. The vetiver adds a modern twist - often reserved for men's colognes, here it deepens the sweetness and make it quite wearable. Patchouli hearkens back to the original Angel, and helps supports the gourmand notes.
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There is an unearth beauty to this scent, at once both distinctive and foreign. Angel fans will enjoy this new version, and those who find gourmands too sweet may enjoy the grounded vetiver that keeps this version fresh and forward-thinking. Even as one who thinks MUGLER can do no wrong, Angel Muse is my favorite to come from the house in a long time.

Angel MUSE by MUGLER: ♦♦♦♦ - A wonderful option for those who love sweet, gourmand scents, but may be affected if they feel the scent is too much. The vetiver is a lovely addition to help ground this scent and make it wearable. The sillage is light to medium (no offending your co-workers!) but the longevity is very nice. I wore this scent without touch ups for about eight hours. Highly recommended to MUGLER fans as well as those who want a very light, enjoyable gourmand.

Hope that helps - man it was a long time in coming. Sorry for any typos I've missed, I'm quite tired and my fingers keep slipping. Please leave any other scents you would like reviewed in the comments - I would love to try them for you! Until then, pleasant journeys~