Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Episode 59: Cocoa Pink NEW Fall (or, I put this up in a hurry)

I was able to get me hands on several of the *new* fall/winter scents from Cocoa Pink, whom, as you know, I have a love/hate relationship with you. The following was previously posted over at All The Sparkles, so head on over there for more goodies!

Cocoa Pink Fall/Winter Scent First Opinions

A disclaimer: This is a very brief discussion of these products based entirely on first opinion. Not something I would normally post, but I thought the insight might be helpful.
Since they've closed shop to get ready for Black Friday (wtf why is that a thing coming so soon) I thought I'd give my impression on some of the (new to me) scents I ordered, and hopefully help with someone's shopping list for the upcoming sale. I'll list form + scent because some of CP's products just don't work for me.

First of all I got a whole $hitload of stuff in Black Blood, but that is my absolute favorite CP scent of all time, and I have recommended it many, many times over.

Telekinetic - I received a sample of this in the Voluptuous Body Butter. The scent is light, but I like it quite a bit. It's feminine and floral, but still feels very fall-ish, warm and spicy.

November - I received this as a perfume OIL sample. I DO NOT care for CP's perfume oils, as you will see from the rest of my order. However, I have found that with some aging they actually develop quite well. I found November to be spicy and slightly foody - I can definitely smell the apples and the woods. I like it now, and I think after some time I will love it even more.

Witchcraft - Alcohol-based perfume. My favorite of all the new scents I ordered, this one I plan on buying more of. The description is very unhelpful, but the perfume really does smell of crackling, burning leaves in the air, a hint of woodsmoke and maybe just the smallest bit of cinnamon and cloves. VERY appropriate for the fall, and I highly recommend this if you like woody, spicy scents.

Netherworld - Alcohol-based Perfume. Holy balls, this perfume is so apropos to its name, it is insane. This smells like dank, dark, moldy earth, wet leaves and something a little bit rotten. It is NOT spicy at all, but this is definitely not for the faint of heart. I think it captures the idea of the netherworld perfectly.

Autumn in Vermont - Alcohol-based perfume. The last of the new scents I tried, and probably my second favorite. It, like the others, is just perfect for its name. Light, warm, sweet, fruity and just a bit spicy, I can totally imagine maple trees turning red and the town getting ready to celebrate the fall holidays (so cheesy).

They were all very, very good, imo. CP was super kind to send me samples of both Telekinetic AND November, even though I only asked for one or the other. I haven't been wowed by their scents in the past, but I think these new fall/winder scents are all really, really good.

Cocoa Pink's new fall/winter lineup of scents are the best I have tried from the brand. I will update this post with pictures as soon as possible, but based on first sniif, here are my star ratings:
 Netherworld: ♦♦♦♦♦ - An absolutely stunning creation of all that dark and decayed, but very strong and not for the casual wearing. This scent would probably blow my mind in perfume oil form.
Witchcraft: ♦♦♦♦ - If you are a fan of woodsy. smoky scents, this is not to be missed. I can truly see this scent as being very universal for both the wearer and the season.
Autumn in Vermont: ♦♦♦♦ - An amazing choice for someone who wants a "fall" scent, but prefers to stick to the more traditional fruity or gourmand scents. Literally smells like an apple pie, cooling on the windowsill while maples turn red in the yard.
Telekinetic: ♦♦♦ - A very nice, feminine scent, with no notes that stand out as being particularly strange or troublesome. Probably one of the best on this list for someone looking to try Cocoa Pink's scents for the first time.
November: ♦♦ - The problems I have with scent, have much to do with the format I tried it in. As I have mentioned before,  CP's oil base does not work well with my chemistry, so I always try to choose the alcohol base instead. It seems to be a very nice spicy gourmand, similar to Autumn in Vermont but with richer spice notes, and a woody base.
All right everyone, you've been given the info that I have, and I am setting you free in the world! Go for and smell amazing, my children! (Remember, if you're a bit fuzzy on the review system, all of the info can be found here.) I'll add pictures as soon as I can, so until then, pleasant journeys~