Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Posting Updates!

Hi all! So sorry for the complete and utter lack of updates recently. I have had really, really bad seasonal allergies, worse than I can ever remember having this time of year. I've felt cruddy, and more importantly, my sniffer has been on the fritz.

It's also been a busier month than I expected, due to an unplanned stay-cation, a vacation that will come earlier than anticipated, and working on other new and exciting projects. I'm certainly not unhappy with the activity, but piled on top of the allergies and my gastrointestinal problems, it gets exhausting, very quickly.

I should be able to resume normal posting on this blog within a week, although during that time I may have to revise the posting schedule, yet again, to give myself a little more wiggle room. I really want to do the full review on the Atelier Colognes Collection Azur, I want to do a haul and review on DarlingClandestine's summer scents, a s first impression on Ten Three Labs and a review on one of my faves - Tom Ford's Shanghai Lily, which I have a lovely 2mL sample vial here provided to me by a wonderful Tom Ford Beauty Specialist at Saks Fifth Avenue (I mentioned previously this is a scent on my must-have list). I don't currently have an series installments or video posts planned, but that could change any time!

So please give me your patience as I sort out my daily life, and posting will resume, well, post haste. In the meantime, shop for a new scent at one of my valued advertising partners?***

C.O. BigelowPerfume.comFragranceNet.com

It won't be long until I see you again, and until that time, pleasant journeys~

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