Sunday, June 28, 2015

Episode 55: Five Scents That Make Me Happy (or, How to Cheer Up Fast)

I was meant to write a review tonight, but I got sick earlier and didn't feel like doing that today. That post will likely go upon Monday, if you want to look for it, I will be talking about Jo Malone's Cologne Intense Oud & Bergamot. Today I want to talk about the scents that cheer me up, lift my spirits or refresh me when I feel worn down, so yep. It's a new installment of the Five for All! Start.

sweet almond

Five Favorite "Pick Me Up" Scents

These aren't specific products, although they will often show up as notes in and among my faves. These are just the scents that when I catch a whiff, I feel good, or that I actively seek out to improve my mood. In no particular order...
  1. Lavender - Definitely nothing weird or strange here, lavender is well known for its soothing scent. But I tend to avoid lavender mixed with sweeter notes (vanilla, tonka, the like) and prefer it much closer to its purest, herbal form. Nothing is better than having a stem of lavender and crushing it between your hands, and the resulting scent. That fresh, sweetness with the crisp herbal bite - it makes me tingle just thinking about it. Some faves: Black Violet Lavender and Chamomile Tonique,  EO Lavender essential oil and hand sanitizer.
  2. Camphor - This one might seem odd, but hear me out. Growing up, I lived near farms where there was often standing water, and hence mosquitoes. As kids, we always put Campho-Phenique on our bites to stop the itch. Now, as an adult, the scent of camphor reminds me childhood days playing out in the summer. I know that its medicinal and topical use it something of a debate, but I still find products with camphor to be useful in soothing my skin, and of course, I love the scent. Some faves: Yu-Be Lip Balm and Soothing Skin Cream
  3. Pine - Such a generic scent, again. But I live where there are basically two seasons - Summer and Less Hot (oh and Monsoon Season, the best of all). Christmas is my favorite holiday, and to me, winter means Christmas (I know that only works in the N. Hemisphere, but hey, that's my Hemi!) and there is something about the scent of pine trees that is both reminiscent of winter, and reminiscent of the happiness of Christmas. Again, if you break a pin needle and rub the scent in your hands you get that crisp, fresh herbaceous scent that I love. Some faves: Anything Christmas-y with pine? A whole slew of candles, mostly, such as Yankee Candle's Balsam and Fir.
  4. Tobacco - I can't pinpoint a time or reason for my love of the scent of sweet tobacco. Maybe it was born wan I was nineteen years old and inhaling cheap cigars through my nose as a party trick? I'm not sure. Whatever the reason, I love scents with tobacco notes, whether they be sweet or sharp. There is just something that is both sensual and also comforting in the scent of tobacco - those fragrances evoke a different time and place, yet bring one so distinctly into the now. One of my favorite notes in perfumery, by far. Some faves: Haus of Gloi  Tabac, Solstice Scents Old Havana, Guerlain  Tonka Imperiale.
  5. Almond - Oddly, the only food-y scent on this list, the scent of almond oil is almost too much for me to bear. It is so delicious, and so warm, it's like a hug for your nose. No, really. Once again, this harkens back to childhood, when I can remember my grandma having almond extract in her pantry, for baking. I though the almond smelled so good, but never understood why it was used in baked good that tasted nothing of almond, ha. This is still a major, major comfort scent for me. When I am feeling really sad or lonely I will use almond-scented products to cheer me up. Some faves: Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle, L'Occitane Amande Body Oil, Guerlain Tonka Imperiale (again!), Gurlain Mon Precieux Nectar.
Those are the ones, the scents that just take me to a happy place. I could make a list greater than five, for sure - bergamot, orange blossom, tea tree - just to name a few. But many of those I could have selected, I enjoy better paired with a delectable base or middle, or top note; they aren't single scents I love just as they are.

I'd love to hear what some of your single-scent favorites are! Leave me a comment down below, it would totally make my day. I'll see you later with that review and until then, pleasant journeys~

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  1. Camphor scent is a special to me. When I was little Topial application of camphor was my grandmother's "go to" cure for pretty much anything. Now I know that it's not the best course of treatment, but the scent still makes me feel loved and cared for.