Friday, June 5, 2015

Episode 52: Five Favorite Citrus (or, Summer Zest!)

So I am really behind on posting, but due to my personal circumstances, I didn't get the posts researched or written. I am going to do the Five-For-All instead, and then a review tomorrow. I may film a video post for Saturday, but since there has been zero interest in a potential giveaway, I will continue to hoard perfume items, and do that at a later time - 100 posts? 1 year anniversary? We'll see.

Five Favorite Summer Citrus Scents

I've mentioned before how I don't care for citrus, but I also don't care for generalizations, so there are, in fact, citrus scents I enjoy. Summer is the perfect time to wear citrus. The heat makes the fragrances sparkle, and if you live in a humid climate,  a light cologne is perfect for cooling the skin and covering, well, one's natural scent. These are my five current favorites for Summer wear.

  1. Atelier Cologne, Cédrat Envirant: This woods-y, fresh scent tips to the masculine side, but is easy for women to wear, ass well. Sparkling cedrat (a fancy perfumier word for citron), line and bergamot make this scent easy to wear, but tonka and vetiver at the base ground it and give it enough warmth that even someone not particular fond of citrus can enjoy it.
  2. Acqua di Parma, Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi: Another woody citrus, Fico Di Amalfi is one of my favorites from this collection because although it is a citrus, the warmth of the woods never let it be too fresh or too cool. Bergamot, citron and lemon on top are warmed by pink peppercorn, fig, cedarwood and benzoin for a scent that can be perfectly appropriate well into fall. 
  3. Jo Malone, Earl Grey & Cucumber: Umm, this is barely a citrus in my library of scents, but I guess the bergamot in the Earl Grey qualifies? This is an excellent scent if you just need a quick pick-me-up. The bergamot makes me happy, and cucumber (popular nineties ingredient that it is) is refreshing and slightly aquatic here. A somewhat sweet, musky base keeps this scent warm, not harsh, but the lasting power is low on me, even compared to other Jo Malone cologne scents.
  4.  Commodity, Mimosa: I'm straying, I know. I don't do well with pure citrus scents. I've talked about my love for Commodity scents before, and Mimosa is probably my favorite from the White collection (I do love it more than Tea, but I love them for different reasons). The citrus of the orange scents here (blood orange and mandarin, according to the ever so helpful internets) sparkle and fizz like the drink the scent is named after, and my favorite tonka bean with sweet, heady heliotrope making sure that the scent doesn't fly away. 
  5. Hermès, Un Jardin sur le Nil: I'm stretching now, I'm reeeeeally stretching. le Nil is probably one of the only scents with a grapefruit top note that I like - but it's sweet and somewhat fruity and has a gorgeous warm drydown, that I can forgive the insensitive choice of citrus. I kid, I kid, of course. I've mentioned my enjoyment of the Un Jardin collection by Hermès, and le Nil is one of my favorites. Definitely a nice line for fresh scents crafted in a quality deserving of it's brand.
Soooo... I mean, I've mentioned it before but I'd say this list makes it apparant, that citrus scents aren't really my bag baby. I have totally fallen in love with Atelier's Collection Azur, but since I will have a whole post reviewing that collection coming tomorrow, I left them out of this particular one. Another scent not included in this list is the ubiquitous 4711. This is the classic citrus scent, and a lot of people love it dearly. Here's the thing - I don't like citrus. I bought a bottle, in Germany, years and years ago. It was only ever a counter decoration until I lost it in a fire, with a good portion of my early perfume collection. If there is one thing I want my blog to emphasize, it is this - you don't have to like something just because it is a "classic" or because it is "popular" or because of it's "quality". You can like, or dislike, anything you want. I feel like perfumery, and perfume blogs tend to be elitist - but if you've only ever worn Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena/Breeze (one of my faves from the brand, I might add) as a citrus scent, that's okay. I've loved fragrance for 20 years, ten of those years as an adult who could pay for my own products, and there are still so many scents and brands I haven't tried, and even more that I never plan to try - either due to preference, or availability, or in a very few cases where I have had quite bad reactions to scent notes. My point is this, that I don't want anyone reading this blog to mistake me for an expert, or think that they have to be part of some club of experts to love perfume.

Wow, that went off on a tangent. You may also notice that no indie scents were included in this list, simply because I don't buy citrus-based indie scents. It represents too big of an investment for me, if I don't like them. So that's all, nothing personal. You've caught me on quite a bad day today, I daresay, so I hope I see you all tomorrow, in a much better mood. Pleasant journeys~

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