Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer 2015 Posting Schedule

Okay, so we all know I can't stick to a schedule worth a damn, but I am going to give it my best shot. I'm shooting for four blog posts a week - three text posts and one video post. We'll see how that goes. Here is the tentative schedule.

  • Sunday - Dark day, no posts
  • Monday - Post, text, no set subject
  • Tuesday - Post, series (TBD)
  • Wednesday - Dark day, no posts
  • Thursday - Post, series (TBD)
  • Friday - Post, video, no set subject
  • Saturday - Dark day, no posts
Basically Monday and Friday will be something of a free-for-all... I'm not entirely sure what I will post, be it a review, a recommendation, a list... ehhh, maybe even upcoming releases and announcements that have me doing a happy dance. Things outside of perfume, like possible tags or non-related posts will show up outside of the set postings days, usually on Saturdays (as part of the Siesta).

Tuesday and Thursday will be continuations of series - I am NOT entirely sure which ones. The Face-Off will continue, because I like it, but Scent Notes will not, for now. That leaves  the door open for a new series... I kinda, sort of have something in mind, but I don't think the time is right for what I want to do, which means I need something in the interim. I'm thinking about either an a. Best Of or b. It Failed For Me. The first is simple and easy to do, and I like the second because I genuinely enjoy reading about why someone may or may not have liked a particular scent. Each option is based purely on my own personal preferences, though, which is something I wish I could pull away from, just a little. (I am going to try to do that in the un-named series I mentioned first.)

If you have any suggestions for recurring themes or series, or if there is a post you'd like to see in general (video or text), please leave them down in the comments, or e-mail me at I'd love to hear your suggestions! Pleasant journeys~

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