Saturday, May 30, 2015

Episode 51: Saturday Siesta! (or, Perfume TAG Take Two)

Hey, hey, hey how's it hanging? Since there were no scheduled posts this week, but I am home now and totally procrastinating on doing work, I figured - why not have a little Siesta? I've got some exciting posts planned for next week (well, exciting to me) so why not take today to just relax, chill out, and have a little chit-chat. By that I mean, another round of Perfume TAG questions. This one comes from the forums at, a very helpful resource when you are researching scent. So let's start!

Perfume TAG x2

  1. What is your favorite winter scent? I answered this on my other tag... but basically, I look for very traditionally seasonal scents - a lot of spices and greens. Since I named some favorite indie scents, I'd say my favorite Mainstream/Boutique scent for winter would be Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger layered with Pomegranate Noir.
  2. On a lazy day I reach for... DarlingClandestine Noose Jewelry which I talked about in my May Favorites video (seen here) or Thierry Mugler Angel when I want something sweet. It'ss all about comfort scents on those lazy days!
  3. What would you use when you are going on a date? If it were a date with my husband, I'd go with Guerlain Angelica Noire or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. If for some reason I was going on a date with a stranger, I'd probably choose Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum. It's sexy and appropriate for a night out, but not so heavy and strong that it gives the wrong impression..
  4. What is your high school signature scent? Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars. A sweet, sexy scent that wasn't inappropriate for a teenager. One of my very first "high end" perfumes! (AKA perfume from the department store, as opposed to Bath & Body Works or the drugstore.)
  5. What's your current love? Fully obsessed with Byredo and have more than one scent I want to purchase from the brand! If we're talking loves that I currently have in my collection, it would be Vice from Haus of Gloi. This is a permanent catalog scent that I wear every night when I go to bed - it's a warm, delicious gourmand and smelling it makes me so relaxed and happy. I love it.
  6. What is your favorite summer scent? Also answered on the previous tag... the answer remains the same - Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia. THE perfect summer scent. I also love beachy, salty, sandy, sunny scents - as long as the aquatic and the woody, sandy notes are prominent and there aren't too many overwhelming citrus notes. I recently picked up a lovely one, also from Haus of Gloi (shop them here) that is part of the Summer release - called Driftwood.
  7. Name a perfume that you regret buying. Love this question! Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie. I wanted it, and I tested it in-store and it was awful, so I passed. But that flacon, with that gorgeous, crystal cut blue glass and the delicate faerie on the top - I wanted it, so I bought it, and in the largest size, which is the only size that comes with the fully decorated flacon (something they don't tell you until you get there). I never used it. I never opened it. I returned it a few days later, kicking myself. I would still buy that perfume in a heartbeat if I could make it work for me.
  8. What perfume is on your wish list? Oh, oops, here is the wishlist question. So, I mentioned it several times and it's not like this is a push for an anonymous gift or anything, LOL, but I am totally lusting after Byredo Gypsy Water and to a slightly lesser extent Mojave Ghost. It actually might be the other way around, too, because I remember when I tested them the one I thought I would like more, I ended up preferring the other just a bit - based on notes maybe it's actually Mojave Ghost that I liked better? I have to test them again, me thinks.
Instead of linking each item individually, please remember that if you want to check out any perfume for yourself, a selection can be found at a discount at either or Both are affiliate links, and as always there is never any requirements that you visit these sites and/or make a purchase. If you choose to do so, however, I very much appreciate it!

So today's Saturday Siesta comes to an end. I'm the world's biggest sucker for tag questions, I apologize. Next week I'm going to try to get the long-awaited review of the Atelier Cologne Collection Azur, but I also have a DarlingClandestine haul... hmm... and then there's this issue with a giveaway... maybe... well, we shall see. Pleasant journeys~

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