Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Episode 50: Five Epic Failures (and, An Announcement)

This is my 50th post! Whoooooo! I am really excited about this, because I have never stuck with blogging this long, and this diligently in the past. So I want to celebrate! I'm going to make my regular Five For All post, and at the bottom, a special announcement. So stay tuned!

Fragrance Flops

Of course, not every scent will work for every body chemistry, and even mass-market scents that are designed to appeal to a broader number of customers can have a fail. The Five For All today lists five major market scents that absolutely, utterly failed on me. Fun right?
  1. NEST White Sandalwood: This is definitely a scent that on paper, should smell amazing to me. It has everything I like, and nothing I don't. However, when I wear this scent, it just straight-up smells like body odor. Not a pleasing odor, either. Rank, unwashed body. FAIL.
  2. Marc Jacobs Daisy: I actually have yet to find a Marc Jacobs scent that appeals to me. The aesthetic of his fragrances just doesn't really "mesh" with me, and I always take a sniff, sniff, pass. Not to go all elitest on your asses or anything, but the fragrance line, and the Daisy collection especially, just smells so childish to me. I am honestly, genuinely shocked whenever I hear a woman over the age of 23 say she likes these scents. They feel like kiddy-grade body mist with a high-end price tag, just in my humble opinion.
  3. Tom Ford Black Orchid: I actually don't hate this scent but I just cannot get it to work with my body chemistry. It turns to deep, too hot and it just isn't for me. I've tried. I've really, really tried. I much prefer Velvet Orchid, if I were to choose.
  4. DKNY Be Delicious: Apple scents are just a big ol' no-no for me, so nothing in this line of scents has ever worked for me. Red Delicious was the worst - I smelled like someone had vomited sangria on me. Yeah, I avoid these scents like the plague and I always get a smug thrill when I see one on the discount rack at Marshall's or somewhere, ha.
  5. Estee Lauder Pleasures: I don't hate this in particular, but I feel like this is one in just a long line of very generic, lifeless fragrances from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Coach, Micheal Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Lancome, Stella McCartney, and on and on. Scents that are virtually indistinguishable from one another, that have no olfactory excitement. Scents that are daring, aren't eager enough to take a risk. If you as a consumer enjoy these scents, if you prefer these scents as a fragrance lover, then that is entirely and completely fine. I like to push the envelope a bit, myself, and if I wind up stinking because of it, then more's the better. :D
Okay that's out of the way - the announcement! Actually I have two. The first is small - I won't be blogging again this week, because I am not at home, so I don't have access to my fragrance collection, and thus can't write anything about it. Makes sense, no? So - no Face-Off, and no video post this week. Posting will return to normal on Monday, June 1st.

Second! In honor of fifty posts, and six months of being dedicated to blogging, I am thinking of hosting a giveaway! This giveaway would be entirely funded by me myself and I, and would include little fragrance items from my own collection. So, I need to take a look around, and see what I have that might be of interest, and then I will post the rules for the giveaway and open it for entries. Hopefully next week! So let me know in the comments below if that sounds good, or send me an e-mail at and tell me if there are any scents you'd like to see and/or try for free - on me! Until then, pleasant journeys~


  1. I want to try the first two on your list, and this scares me a bit. Oh, well... maybe the will work better with my body chemistry.
    Congratulations on 50th post!

    1. Hi Elena! Thanks for the comment! :D As for the MJ Daisy - you'll probably like it. It is easy to get a sample of (usually Sephora and Ulta has them on hand) but it's popular for a reason! It's just not my cuppa, lol. As for White Sandalwood - well. I mean, people must like it, right? Literally everyone I know that has tried it thinks it smells, so that one I really can't say anything good about, LOL. Just try a sample, if you can! xo

    2. I ended up getting Daisy sample from Sephora, and I like it. Actually I alm love it, but there is a tiny off-putting note to it, not sure what it is. Wether or not it will prevent me from buy full size remains the be seen ;-)