Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Episode 46: Bath & Body Works Candle Faves (or, I had to narrow it somehow...)

This Five for All is pretty generic because it's after midnight and I forgot I was posting on Tuesdays now. Sorry 'bout that, hope it is fairly interesting anyways. Bath & Body Works very often re-promotes scents,, so if I know of an RP or close dupe, I'll try to mention that for you as well. Anyways, here it is.

Favorite Bath & Body Works Candles 

This list is ordered from lowest to my greatest love. Now - I've said this before, but I think BBW candles in general, offer the best value at the price (if you get them on sale) but I don't necessarily think they are the best on the market. However, since BBW home is hugely popular, I would imagine a lot of folks have one or two candles from them or are thinking of getting some when there is a sale. Hopefully this list will be interesting.
5. Bottoming out the list is one of the perennial Fall scents, Pumpkin Cupcake. It is pumpkin-ny, sweet, warm and not cloying or sticky-sweet like some of the other candles in the Pumpkin line. This scent is part of the BBW Fall collection, so expect to start seeing it in stores around August.
4. Next is Summer Boardwalk. This scent would have a higher place on the list, if BBW hadn't reformulated the scent in 2013. So - any Summer Boardwalk prior to that year (2012 only) smells of sweet, sticky taffy, caramel popcorn and a hint of salt water. After 2012, the caramel component smells more artificial (except in 2014's American Boardwalk, a re-package of the original scent launched as a limited Spring Transitional** line). Summer Boardwalk can launch as Summer or Summer Transitional, so look for this scent on shelves anywhere from March to July.
3. Coming in third is Party Dress. Launched as Winter/New Years Eve collection in 2013 this is a gorgeous scent for making your room smell amazing. It's a sweet, almost gourmand-like floral, with notes of orchid, white peony and jasmine. Something to note is that multiple reviews say this scent reminds them of Thierry Mugler's Angel. Also important to note, despite some suggestions to the contrary, the 2014/2015 New Years scent Sparkling Confetti is NOT a re-package of this scent. You will usually see this on shelves as early as November and held through the Winter Semi-Annual Sale.
2. Evergreen and Tis The Season probably tie for my favorite Holiday scent. Evergreen is a really nice Christmas tree scent, not as strongly pine-scented as Balsam and Fir but still enough that the scent of the evergreen is most prominent. Tis The Season is the best for imparting a truly "Holiday" feel - cinnamon, apple, evergreen wreaths. Both have returned for multiple Holiday seasons. Tis The Season is a Winter staple, on shelves in the first part of November. Evergreen was released as a part of the Winter Mid-Season collection in 2014, but that could change.
1. All time favorite is Seashore. Released as a part of the Spring Transitional collection in 2013, this scent is redolent of the beach. No other home fragrance compares, if you are looking for that indescribable salt air tang. 2014's Sydney Harbor is not a re-package, but is a very close duplicate, offered in that year's Destinations Spring Transitional collection. I would buy soooo many of these candles if BBW re-promoted the fragrance. It just smells fresh, invigorating and brings you to the seaside. One thing to note, the recently released White Barn scent Fresh Water & Sea Salt is not even close to being a duplicate of this scent. There are similar accords, but it isn't the same.

So that's my list! Please note that I live very close to a lot of high-visibility stores. I don't have test stores in my area, but my stores sell through merchandise quickly, and are usually granted leave to stock new collections early to keep the shelves full. Launch dates may vary.

If this kind of post was interesting, I am happpy to do a full candle collection. I also own home scents from different brands, whaaaat? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and pleasant journeys~

** Terminology such as "Mid-Season" and "Spring Transitional" are not official Bath & Body Works terms. I use them to distinguish personally when different collections launch. Feel free to use it, but don't expect any Bath & Body Works employees to know what you mean! XDDD

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