Friday, May 15, 2015

Episode 44: New Video Series - The Quickie (or, Bow-chika-wow-wow)

HiiiiiiiiiiiI'm done. Okay, so I didn't really know what type of videos to make, but I enjoy talking about perfume once in a while as opposed to writing about it, so to give myself inspiration I decided to start The Quickies. Since a lot of people get turned off when they see a video is longer than just a few minutes, these are mini-reviews of scents that I don't want, or plan, to create more in-depth discussion on but that I like (or hate) and want to give them a mention.

Each Quickie will be short - under five minutes - and will feature any number of scented items, from perfume to home fragrance to bath and body. Suggestions are gladly accepted, as always, on products to review. So here is the inaugural episode of The Quickie, in which my inappropriate humor rears its ugly head.

Annnnyways, hope that was interesting and/or fun, and I hope that you'll share this blog with friends and family who might enjoy it! I'm signing off for the weekend, I hope you have a fabulous one and until I see you again, pleasant journeys~

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