Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Episode 42: New Day, New Series (or, The Five for All)

Okay, so I kind of started this series in my last video post, but I decided to make it an official series. The Five for All is a list segment, each week with five items in the designated category, ranked by me. It can be five good things, or five terrible things. I'm also totally up for category suggestions (things like "Five Prettiest Flacons" et cetera) or scent suggestions (like "list these in order from least to most favorite" with five choices). As long as it can be evaluated in list format, I'm game! So I'm going to go ahead and get started with this week's five.

My Five Most Interesting Scents

Out of the collection of scents that I own, this is the list of the five that I can't stop sniffing. When I wear these, there is just something about them that is like a party for my nostrils. They are in no particular order, please note, and also note that this doesn't take into consideration the complexity of the scent - only the way it smells on my skin!
  1.  Supernova Sway by DarlingClandestine - I've talked about this before, but it one of my absolute favorites. This smells, hands down, like hot asphalt and metal in the summer. I was raised in a small town, but I am a city girl in my very heart, and I've had six summers here to absorb that smell. Supernova Sway isn't marketed as being for one particular season or another (it is part of DarlingClandestine's general catalog, thank goodness) but it screams summertime to me. With that said, I would also wear it in winter, to remind myself of those 115° days that I long for. Check out DarlingClandestine here!
  2. Womanity by Thierry Mugler - I have a mix of indie and mainstream so I am alternating. Womanity is a scent that can make you enemies - like, won't get in the car, move away on the bus, asked to leave the store level enemies. Don't wear this one to work, for sure. It's such a heavy blend of fig and that caviar note that it quickly turns into a lovely, human "musk", if you know what I mean. A feminine musk, if I dare get crude. But.... I like it. Not when it's too much, mind you. This is very much the "spritz and step into it" type of perfume. When it's good, though, it's figgy, sweet, woody, green and just a bit salty. It's fascinating. Just don't spray too much. Check out the entire Thierry Mugler catalog, or just buy Womanity here***.
  3. Lady Grey by Black Violet - You're wondering why I'm writing about a scent I don't care for, right? Well interesting doesn't denote approval, ha. So Lady Grey is a weird one. I ordered in blind assuming that it would smell much like the tea, and nothing in the description leads me to believe it shouldn't but on me it.... smells like I am a lovely old broad of Victorian times, sitting in my musty parlor, drinking black tea and having a smoke on my ivory-handled cigarette holder. No, really. I get a very faint hint of tea, but mostly this smells like stale cigarettes and rooms that aren't aired out enough. It's the damnest thing. Every now and then I wear it again, hoping for something different, but it never changes. Check it out at Black Violet, here!
  4. White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone - What do you get when you take a fragrance that supposedly smells of wild mint, peppermint, bergamot, chamomile, cardamom, coriander and black currant at the top, May rose absolute, jasmine, ylang ylang, lily of the valley and orange blossom in the heart and prune, Guaiac, vetiver and cedar at the base? Something that manages to smell like everything and nothing all at once. Seriously, I list this Jo Malone scent here because it is an anomaly. With every other scent I own, I am able to pick out at least one top note and one base note. I wouldn't be writing this if I couldn't. With most I can paint a fair picture of the composition, even if I can't name every single note layered in it. With White Jasmine & Mint I can't make out any individual notes. In fact, prior to Googling that list, I could have only said "white jasmine" and "mint" if put on the spot, ha ha. It smells good, don't get me wrong. I wear this in the fall a lot, because I love how sunny and floral it is, but it is a bit too heavy for spring, and definitely too much for summer. Now, knowing the scent notes, I could tell you that I can - sometimes - smell the prune. LOL, perfect for a granny like myself. Check out the Jo Malone catalog here
  5.  Feast Day by Alchimia Apothecary - This is the Granddaddy of interesting perfumes. It starts out sweet, and as it develops it grows faintly smoky with a hint of crisp bacon until at the end you have what can only be described as a delicious, smoked brisket. Now, I have to point this out. While I smell like food to my self, I have never had anyone mention food while I'm wearing Feast Day. Instead, I usually get compliments and questions about the scent (from as many men as women, ha ha) and people only notice the bacon if I point it out. I notice, however, and it makes it really fun. Check out Feast Day at Alchimia Apothecary, here!
Sorry this is a little late y'all, meant to finish last night and my stomach went nutso on me again, so I had to finish up today. I hope you enjoy this new series, and please comment below, or email at any suggestions you have for this series! Tomorrow is another episode of the Face-Off, the first ever Men's Only version, muahaha. Then I will have a new video post on Friday, starting a video series! So be on the lookout. Until then, pleasant journeys~

As always the presence of three asterisks such as *** denotes a referral link. If you choose to purchase this product through this link, I receive a portion of the sale. Thank you!

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