Friday, May 1, 2015

Episode 39: Fragrance Face-Off, Cartier vs Guerlain, Round 1 (or, Please Teas, Tease Me Pleasingly)

Getting back on schedule! Yay! I will also have a revised posting schedule coming up here when I iron the kinks out. Since school is ending for the semester I am going to try and post as often as I can.

This brings me to another point that I very much want to address. From here on out, some (not all) links made available for purchasing purposes will be affiliate links. I know that no one likes affiliate links, because we don't like the idea that someone is benefiting because of our hard-earned money, but hear me out. It would mean so, so much to me if you could use my links when you decide to make a purchase. The reason is two fold - firstly, I put a lot of work into this blog. Each post usually takes anywhere from three to eight hours to complete, depending on the topic and how much research has to go into it. Secondly, as I mentioned, I am a full time student and a stay-at-home mom. I do have a disability that prevents me from holding down a traditional job, although I worked as a retail manager for many years before my health became too poor. This blog, as well as my independent writing projects are my only source of personal income, income that I don't rely on my husband for. That is not a bad thing, and I certainly don't need the pocket money, but it make me feel accomplished, so I hope that by considering using my affiliate links to make fragrance purchases, you'll support me in that!

For here on out, any post containing affiliate links will be tagged with the "referral link" label, and each link that is an affiliate link will have an asterisk beside it, so that everyone can clearly distinguish which links are through an affiliate program, and which are safe. Thank you! Now back to the regularly scheduled post...

Another Friday Face-Off! Yayyyyy!!! I love doing these. Today I am facing off Guerlain's Teazzurra with Cartier's Declaration l'Eau. Okay so, disclaimer. I KNOW Cartier is a men's cologne and Guerlain is a women's EDT and I KNOW that despite the fairly unisex nature of both fragrances, for purchasing decisions, it wouldn't really make sense to compare the two as equals. So what this Face-Off will be determining is which of the two is a better, more well-rounded tea scent. If you watched my last video post, you'll know that I would say Commodity's Tea is the best tea scent I've tried. But these two ended up o my counter and I just wanted to pit them head to head. So let's do the thing!

Cartier Declaration l'Eau vs Guerlain Teazzurra

Composition: The Cartier scent is a more dazzling take on the original Declaration. It combines zesty lemon, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn and warm cedarwood for a fresh, masculine scent that manages to never overpower, even on a female tester (aka myself). Although I traditionally don't like grapefruit in fragrance, for l'Eau it really works. Guerlain's Teazzurra brings it's hand at grapefruit to the party as well. Sparkling top notes of bergamot, lemon, yuzu and grapefruit give way to the sweet astringent heart of green tea, chamomile and jasmine. It is anchored by musk, vanilla and calone (a seashore accord). The citrus scents work well here, too - they seem to float off my body leaving the green tea, jasmine and musk behind. Both scents are much warmer on dry down that one would originally expect, but l'Eau has a simplicity that lends it a hand here, and it's slightly deeper base gives it a foot up as a staple scent.
l'Eau: 4
Teazzurra: 3
Anamnesis: A new category to the Face-Off, Anamnesis is similar to reminiscence, except that it is the calling to mind by a certain act or trigger. A tea scent, in my opinion, should be something that can bring back memories for many people, so I am bring this category in to see just which scent is more successful (for me). L'Eau smells fresh - not so much like a day at the beach, but a day at the lake with the sun shining hot and trees all around. You spend all day floating, and drinking and when the sun sets, that hot, wet sweetness of the sun and crystal waters surrounds you. Teazzurra is climbing the stairs to reach the Parthenon in Greece. It's the middle of August, and being so hot you could die, with the smell of the city (both sweet and rotten) rising all around you. It's seeing the Temple of Hephaestus in the distance and wondering how such a strange modernity could have become amidst such shocking tributes to times long gone. It's finally, finally getting a frappe and feeling the sense of disconcerting otherness fade away with each frothy sip.
l'Eau: 3
Teazzurra: 5

Image via Cartier
 Seasonality: Another new category, both of these scents are designed to be worn during warmer months, so I venture to ask, are the relegated to the higher temperatures only? Or can these scents fit into your wardrobe year-round? L'Eau, despite being the (arguably) warmer scent has a lightness that leads to a fairly short lifespan on my skin. This is not a scent that would take me well past fall, if that. Teazzurra does not fair better. It's greater variety of scent components leads to something that is a little deeper on dry-down, but it too, begins to fade on bare skin after only a couple of hours. These scents need the heavy body chemistry pulled from us by the hot weather to reach their full potential, so I daresay neither will work as anything more than a very light winter pick-me-up.
l'Eau: 2
Teazzurra: 2
Image via Guerlain

Final Tally: Cartier Declaration l'Eau - 9/15. Guerlain Teazzurra - 10/15. So, we have a very slight winner in Teazzurra. I'm not going to lie, I think it is a beautiful scent. When I read of it's release I called my Guerlain boutique and had them set a bottle aside for me, and I don't regret it. With that said, I love Declaration l'Eau and I plan to buy a bottle or my husband. It's a lovely, lighter version of some of my favorite men's colognes.
Guerlain Teazzurra Rating: ♦♦♦♦ - Although perhaps not the best of Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria line, many of those scents are discontinued, and Teazzurra is one of the best new additions, in my opinion, of the last few years, especially after the disappointment that was Limon Verde (on paper it seemed perfect, on my skin it smelled like piss). If you are familiar with the Aqua Allegoria line, and if you like a scent with a bit of warmth, Teazzurra might be right up your alley. Buy it here.
If you'd like to pick up Cartier Declaration l'Eau for you or your guy, you can do that right here.***
Whoot whoot! Look at me, all on time with the shizz. Okay let's keep the momentum going. I'm going to be posting the new schedule soon, so keep an eye out for that. The Face-Off will continue because I like it, although I might do separate reviews as well. I think I will be shelving the scent note series - it's fairly time consuming on the back end, so I'd rather devote that time to making sure I can get other content out as promised. What do you think? If you'd like to see the scent notes continue, in some format, let me know in the comments. Otherwise have a lovely weekend, and pleasant journeys~

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