Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Updated Info and Where's Today's Post?

HiHi! No regularly scheduled post today - sorry 'bout that. Basically when I was doing my research for the note that I had chosen, I decided that it wasn't the best possible choice so I had to scrap it. I will try to get the post up by Thursday.

...... Haaaaa I just wrote all of that and then realized today is Wednesday. Okay, so all of the above still holds true, but the actual reason today's post is not yesterday's post is because I went to a NARS launch event and wasn't home until late evening (and a little tipsy to boot). Would anyone want me to blog about these kind of events? I go to fragrance and makeup shindigs usually every few months, and I'd love to write about them if anyone was interested.

Okay so given THAT information, the Scent Notes post may not be up until Saturday again. If this sort of thing keeps happening, I will tweak the schedule and try to improve it.

I did, however, update the About and Featured pages - go check them out! I am featuring Balenciaga right now, because I've been loving those scents. Maybe you'll find one to love, too? Pleasant journeys~

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