Friday, March 27, 2015

Episode 35: Black Violet Ginger & Lace (or, Sweet, Soft Springtime)

I totally hemmed and hawwed about what scent I wanted to review, and I had it narrowed down to an indie - I actually settled on a different scent then switched my mind last minute. But I have really been loving this scent, and it is a little different than my norm. Okay? Okay.

Black Violet Ginger & Lace

I haven't yet reviewed a Black Violet perfume, although I've mentioned the company in previous posts. The scents tend to be very hit or miss on my skin - some of those I thought I'd love (Lady Grey, Lokelani) didn't work at all, and others that I wasn't expecting (Lemondrop, Gold Rush) ended up being wonderful. That's kind of how it goes with indie perfumes, but Black Violet seems to sing on the pendulum for me more so than others. The scent I picked up from the Spring 2015 release is one of those that really surprised me.
I first tried Ginger & Lace as a sample with my purchase of Lokelani and I fell so, so in love. The Black Violet website describes the scent as "Wisps of apricot hairs rise thru vintage Limerick lace draping her skin. Soft-spoken, yet intoxicating. Keynotes: Soft Musk, Ginger Lily, Coconut Milk and Apricot." Now, I think I've mentioned before, but two things I really don't like are white musk and toasted coconut. I know "toasted" is a key descriptor here, but trust me, I've tried scents that just mention "coconut", "coconut milk" or even "coconut flesh" and have been smacked with that godawful stench. Luckily, Ginger & Lace doesn't have that problem.
The scent opens for me soft and sweet - the fruit, and the sweet coconut milk are really well blended, and give a slightly haunting potency to those first whiffs. The floral notes come into play after a few minutes or so and by about 45 minutes in, Ginger &Lace has developed to her warm, temperate base. This is a scent perfect for daily wear in the blossoming heat of spring - it's never overpowering, but it wraps around you like the titular lace and holds on. It is just lovely.
I don't have my bottle to show you because it leaks, and the oil has smeared the label and makes it hard to work with (I'm using up my sample size right now). If I can get it replaced, I'll insert a picture. Don't worry though - as far as I can tell it is just a defect. Black Violet always has very well packaged shipping! The full sized BV scents come in gorgeous cobalt glass, 10mL roll-on bottles. I love her packaging.
[image here]
Rating: ♦♦♦♦ - With the delicate sweetness of the coconut milk bearing the primary load of providing an ethereal quality to the scent, instead of the usual floral or fruit notes, Ginger & Lace becomes something imminently wearable and hard to take offense with. It definitely takes a top spot for me, and should definitely be on the wish list of all indie perfume lovers! Buy it here.
So yep, I decided not to review Lokelani which was a dud for me, and do this gem instead. If anyone wants to hear my thoughts on Lokelani or any of the Black Violet scents that I possess, just leave me a comment below!

Reminder that I won't be updating again until April 5, 2015 and that will resume the normal posting schedule. Just to titillate you, I will let slip that the scent note will be bergamot (!) and the Face-Off is going to be between Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra and Commodity Tea. Hope you'll come check those out! Pleasant journeys~

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