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Episode 32: Fragrance Face-Off, Prada Round 1 (or, Candy vs. Florale)

Sorry I am behind the times, whatever it's not even news. Today's Face-Off is a showdown between variations! The original Prada Candy versus Candy Florale. I chose these two because I never did do my scheduled review of Candy Florale, so why not do it this way? As a reminder, we'll have three categories and each scent will earn between 1 and 5 points in them. The final tally will be out of fifteen, and the winner will get my final recommendation for this week. No losers here, folks! If you think I am dead wrong, let me know in the comments, and since I am only basing on my preferences, read each category so you can see which scent would suit you better! On your marks...

Prada Candy vs. Prada Candy Florale

Composition: The original Candy is a grown up gourmand, a sweet you can wear to the office without getting laughs. The top is an accord of musk, with benzoin at the center and caramel at the base. It starts of strong, a nice musk tempered with the heart of benzoin, but by the dry down all I get is a murky chemical mess. Candy Florale, although part of the collection, pulls away from the gourmand. There isn't really anything sweet about this scent, despite its base notes of caramel, honey, benzoin and a hint of musk. Instead it is the type of powdery floral that I quite prefer. An accord of  limoncello sorbet at the top with a peony flower heart work together to give a very soft, modern feel to what could have been a quite bland composition. Both scents are created quite ingeniously and I have to give props to the nose behind them. She also put together one of my favorites from Guerlain, so it is no wonder I like these.
Candy: 3
Florale: 4
Longevity: Despite having only three notes, Candy manages to be one of those scents that, unfortunately, if you don't like it, you can't seem to get rid of it. A spritz on my pulse points in the morning will last me well into the afternoon - I'm estimating about five or six hours. Florale, by contrast, is a softer scent with the shorter lifespan to accompany it. I usually use an oil to prep my skin when I wear this scent, otherwise it has faded with an hour or two. Definitely not for the long haul.
Candy: 4
Florale: 2
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Wearability: Now here is where it comes down to preference and where things might get sticky (no pun intended). Because despite how much I like the initial burst of Prada Candy, I just can't get past how chemical-y it smells on the drydown. It smells like sticky old 80's hairspray (remember I mentioned the pun?), like AquaNet or something. BUT I also know that the powdery floral scent like offered in Florale can be a turn-off to some wearers. Although that is my preference, I've read tons of reviews of my faves that read "ew, smells like an old granny". I don't think Florale smells anything like my granny, but hey, who am I to know what perfumes other people's grannies wear? So I have to judge on my own preference alone. I think both are imminently wearable, but, well, I do have my tastes.
Candy: 3
Florale: 4
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Final Tally: Prada Candy - 10/15. Prada Candy Florale - 10/15. This keeps happening, but I swear it isn't intentional. I honestly write these without comparing the scores, and let's be real, it is obvious Florale is my fave. Oh well, you guys want two final recommendations, you got it.
Prada Candy Rating: ♦♦♦ - As mentioned before, this is a perfume I strongly want to like, but find I can't. The intriguing "candy for adults" premise makes this worth a try if you enjoy a gourmand scent. It isn't the best of the best, in my opinion, but it does very nicely what it sets out to do. Buy it here.
Prada Candy Florale Rating: ♦♦♦ - This fragrance matches its sister in the "not the best of the best, but good enough" category, for sure. It has an interesting idea behind it, the merge of candy and flowers, but between the peony and limoncello I don't get that, and the sweet base is never in evidence on my skin. This is a lovely sorbet, but it isn't deeper than that. Buy it here.

So next week I am going to chose a scent that I hate and totally rig the outcome of the face-off, is that cool, Y/N? I am seriously interested how many times this will happen - I try to deliberately choose scents that I either 1. don't have a pre-existing bias between or 2. I feel have equal advantages and disadvantages between them, because if I wanted to deliberately skew the results I'd just review my faves and call it a day. But that's not really helpful now, is it?

Don't forget that if you have any scents, perfume houses, perfumers, et cetera (even body and home) you want to see in the Face-Off you can leave them in the comments as suggestions - or recommendations for a future review. My limited preferences only go so far, so outside of new releases, I'd love to know what you want to know about! Pleasant journeys~

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