Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Episode 31: Upgrading Your Scent (or, When Spears and Beiber Won't Cut It)

All righty, so I said today's post would be fun and different, and I am trying my best to make it such. My sense of humor is massively skewed to the dark side, so this post is supposed to be fairly light hearted, while still offering some advice. And if that title up there or any of the content offends you, feel free to let me know, either in the comments or by e-mailing admin@olfactory-exploits.com. I won't change anything, but I will listen to your complaint whole-heartedly. So on we go.

Upgrade Your Signature Scent - Tips and Tricks

Okay so I have a lovely friend - let's call her Susan. And Susan has been wearing Britney Spears Circus Fantasy since High School. Now, however, Susan has her first post-college job and she wants something a bit more suited to the workplace, so that if someone asks her scent she doesn't have to say "Britney Spears" or worse, lie as if she doesn't know. Susan still wants something in the same fragrance family, though, and she doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg. So let's take Susan shopping.
1. Find out what you like. A quick Google search reveals that the main notes of Circus Fantasy to be raspberry and apricot blossom at the top, blue peony, lotus and orchid at the heart and a base of vanilla, musk and something called "violet candy" which is not a note in and of its self, but rather an accord. Susan agrees that what she most likes is the sweetly floral, yet still fresh way it plays on her skin. Using an online fragrance encyclopedia such as fragrantica.com or basenotes.net really becomes helpful here because you can search for scents with similar notes. Susan decided to try Viva la Juicy and Vera Wang's Princess.
2. How much do you want to spend? Another quick internet search found Viva La Juicy (normally around $70 - if I remember correctly) at Kohl's online for $48.00. Ulta had the scent for $72.00. Ulta also had Princess for $68.00. Because Susan didn't want to buy blind, she decided the higher price point was worth being able to test the scents first, so she decided to make a trip to Ulta. 
3. Do what feels right. Susan got to the store and when it became clear she was planning on buying a fragrance, sales girls quickly began spraying one after the other on sample cards. As Susan recalls, it was almost impossible for her to try the scents she had came for. Although Susan chose to stick to her guns, if you smell something you fall in love with, never ever feel like you have to buy any one particular scent. Have fun, experiment, and buy what you fall in love with! On the other hand, don't let pushy associates force you into a sale, especially if the price point is higher than you feel comfortable with.
4. You're not committed, until you're committed. This is perfume, not a marriage. Sure, you're not going to be able to return a bespoke scent from a luxury house, but why would you? Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, Nordstroms - all of those stores have return policies designed to help keep customers happy, and that means if you end you hating your scent after one or two wears, or your partner is allergic, or whatever - you can take it back. Never feel like once you've bought it, your stuck with it. Susan ended up choosing Princess and she loves it - more than her Circus Fantasy. In her words, "I finally feel like an adult". So congratulations, ladies and gents. You've graduated into adulthood.

This makes it seem like I really hate those celebrity fragrances... which is true, but I don't hate it when people wear them. I just think that sometimes branching out can be a little intimidating. However you may feel, I'd love to hear it - leave your comments below and pleasant journeys~

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