Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Episode 27: Cocoa Pink (or, You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper)

Hi. On time. Woo hoo! Begin.

Cocoa Pink

To begin, let me say this - my introduction to the brand Cocoa Pink was less than stellar. I'd heard the hype, saw the cult following and was recommended by some friends. So I decided to give them a try. Womp womp. I really didn't enjoy the scents I had chosen. I'd ordered six sample drams and of the six, three were awful, two were so-so and one was wearable. I decided this wasn't the brand for me and put them aside. Then something happened. About the same time, a few weeks later, I received a Cocoa Pink (here after called the acronym CP) sample product in an indie makeup subscription. I also pulled out one of those so-so scents and tried it again. This time, it smelled... well, pretty darn good. So I tried the sample I was given. THAT, my friends, smelled like heaven. So I went back to CP, for good.
Overview: The Cocoa Pink website provides the following information - "CocoaPink offers fresh handmade from scratch (not pre-made bases) bath & body products that are SLS & paraben free.  All of our products are custom made especially for you at the time you place your order." The selection of products they offer is large, and more varied than most other brands I shop with. They have the usual range of fragrance and body care, but also offer hair care, facial care and more, ah, personal items. Among the unique are also included a custom party favor offer and a cute, branded, canvas tote. The scent catalog is large, but not overwhelming, and is easy to understand. Some scents are permanent, while others change seasonally.
Fave Items: Perfume (you can select an alcohol or oil carriers - just choose either the oil roll-on or the alcohol based spray. I prefer the alcohol for these scents, but that is up to the wearer). Whipped Dream lotion. Ends With Benefits Hair & Body Fragrance Mist.
Not a Huge Fan: Soft Bubbles Sugar Scrub.
One of the best things about Cocoa Pink is that many of their catalog items can be scented with the fragrance of your choice. Which means if you love a particular product, you don't have to hope your scent is in stock - you just choose what fragrance you want at the time you place your order and you'll be set. I have a lot of fun mixing and matching different scent combos (super enjoyable with the Princess Poo and Shine Sweetie shampoo and conditioner). Here are some of the scents that I personally* like and dislike.
Scent Yay!: Fear of Ghosts, Myrtles Plantation, Venetian Waltz
Scent Just Ok: Masquerade Ball, Sleigh Ride, Warm Mittens
My favorite scent of all time forever from Cocoa Pink is BLACK BLOOD this scent is made by unicorns, OMG get some now.
There is no rating since this is a rec, not a review but I would definitely give it a thumbs up. I think Cocoa Pink is a great gateway company for those who have only used more mainstream scents (the CP catalog includes a lot of scent "types" that recreate popular products) and the six single drams for $18 USD is an excellent way to explore the scent catalog. Why not shop them here? And as always I get no kickbacks for anything you choose to buy, this is just my personal recommendation, and I hope others enjoy!

Nothing else to say. I want to shop now. Pleasant journeys~

* Remember my taste in scent is different than yours, so don't be afraid to try any that I do not prefer! You might love them!

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