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Episode 29: Fragrance Face-Off, DarlingClandestine Round 1 (or, Pyrotechnik Wedding)

I'm ignoring the matter of Tuesday's fragrance notes post and going to pretend like I didn't forget. and move right on to the first Fragrance Face-Off! So here is the dl. Each round will have three categories of judging. The categories will not be identical each round - instead they will tailor to the fragrances in question. The fragrances will be given points, 1-5 for each category and then the final point tallies will reveal the "winner" and my final recommendations.

Please remember - although this is staged as a competition, NONE of the scents presented are bad. I am toying with the idea of a FFO "which one is worse" category but for now I am ONLY comparing scents that are either 1. comparable as similar fragrances or 2. two choices from the same brand. The "winner" and the "loser" are only for recommendation purposes. So let's get started and see how this works.

DarlingClandesting Round 1

I decided to start with an indie because I haven't talked about indie scents in a hot minute, and I chose DarlingClandestine because she is my favorite hands down. So then the question was what scents? Since I've only been introduced to the indie scene since about last August (2014), a lot of my purchases have been LE items - the more regular scents I've held off on, for the time being. However, I don't want to rec LE scents that you can't get any more, so I chose Pyrotechnik and Carny Wedding. They don't have too much in common, but both are "Summer" releases, and both are nicely sweet on my skin. Purchasing information will be below as always, although these two are currently not available, I hope they will be once we get into Summer!
Fragrance Composition: For the first category, I'm looking at the fragrance ins and outs. I'm not comparing notes, because DC rarely lists "notes", but I will link you to the scent discography right here if you want more info.  Pyrotechnik opens with a sweet burst of melon... cantaloupe. It is very "ripe", almost too sweet, but is almost immediately tempered but something a little spicy... I am not sure what she's used, but if I had to guess I'd say straight black pepper - it isn't too much though, it doesn't irritate the nose at all. It just brings that sweet, overripe melon smell back to earth. And in the earth I can smell a bit of green, a bit of wet, maybe some moss climbing on trees. Beautiful. Carny Wedding begins with a bang, I get a heavy hit of something sweet over woodsmoke. As if someone were melting candy floss, then drizzling it over fresh popped popcorn by the fire. It lingers for a good while before the heavy sweetness drifts away and just a lovely, smokey wood fire scent is left behind. On my skin, this one doesn't have quite as developed a composition as Pyrotechnik, but it is really nice for someone like me who loves sweet, but not too sweet.
Pyrotechnik: 4 points
Carny Wedding: 3 points
Fragrance Longevity: I declined to judge sillage because I am reviewing both of these scents in solid form. In case you were not already aware, solids hold close to the body, but linger for hours, and DC does particularly lovely solid perfumes, creamy and easy to apply, not stiff, hard wax. Pyrotechnik applied in a small amount on the back of my hand developed and faded in about two hours. Because the skin here is thin, without any pulse points, that is faster than the wrist or neck. I'd estimate a small amount will last 4 hours or so on the inside wrist or neck. Carny Wedding was applied the same way, and it is not letting off. I can smell the woodsmoke about three hours after application now, and it is as strong as it was in the beginning. It hugs close but it doesn't let go, either.
Pyrotechnik: 3 points
Carny Wedding: 5 points
Wearability: The nice thing about solids is that you can wear even heavy fragrances without bothering a nearby work-mate or commuter. However, DarlingClandestine is well regarded as the master of ingenious perfumery and her scents are always amazing, but might not be appropriate for all wearers. Massive note here: This is how *I* smell them, so what may seem appropriate to me, would not work for someone else. Pyrotechnik is the more complex of the two, but still manages to come off as something I could let my old granny sniff and she wouldn't chastise me for being the daughter of Satan. It is complex but wearable and I think the fact that the pepper comes across so mild really helps make this less offensive overall. Carny Wedding has a more straightforward mosaic of scents combined within its makeup, but the very prominent woodsmoke is something that could be irritating to a casual wearer. Its tenacity also might make some nervous - especially if they find they don't like the scent. Sometimes even one prominent note can take away from the composition as a whole, and it would really depend on whether or not the wearer liked that scent.
Pyrotechnik: 4 points
Carny Wedding: 3 points
The final point tally falls as such -  Pyrotechnik: 11/15 and Carny Wedding: 11/15. I swear I didn't plan that! So our very first Face-Off ends in a tie! That shouldn't surprise me for DarlingClandestine scents - this shop is probably my favorite indie perfumery and I have some of my favorite scents over all from her! So for my rec, can you guess? ;)
DarlingClandestine Rating - ♦♦♦♦♦: This is the epitome of a shop that uses its indie status as a vehicle for always pushing the envelope and trying new things. We, as dedicated fans, eat it up (figuratively). The lovely nose behind DC, Evonne, seems to always have something up her sleeve, and it is a joy to buy scents created with such passion and love - it really shows in the fragrances themselves. Even the most timid perfumista can find something to love here, and DarlingClandestine gets the full five star treatment. Visit her shop here.
Whew, that was exhilirating! Are you exhilirated? I am. Oh, I am indeed. I found this format to be a lot of fun to play with, and the outcome was pretty neat - I wasn't keeping track at all so I had a surprise too, at the end! Well, when it comes to Pyrotechnik and Carny Wedding, I'd probably recommend Pyrotechnik, but what can I say - numbers don't lie. Pleasant journeys~

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Episode 28: 12 Personal Questions TAG (or, ~Saturday SIESTA!!!!~)

In my head I am shaking the Maracas right now and yelling SIESTA!!! Although I should be yelling fiesta, but I get much more excited about napping than I do celebrating, so. Because I've been talking a lot about series and because there hasn't been a siesta in ages, I thought I'd bore you all to sleep with some tag questions about me! Not sure of the origin here - I found it floating around the internet with about eight million other "personal" tags. Since it only had twelve questions, I picked this one.

12 Personal Questions TAG 

  1. What do you order at Starbucks? I kind of just get whatever I feel like at the moment, but if I could only choose one drink for the rest of my life, I'd pick a boring old Iced Coffee, sweetened, Breve-style.
  2. One thing in your closet you can't live without? Tunic-length tank tops. I've been layering shirts for years thanks to a rule at an old fashion job that required at least five articles of clothing (accessories didn't count, but shoes did). I love that I can pull them down or scrunch them up depending on my other pieces. Definitely a must-have.
  3. One thing people don't know about you? I was a professional Youth equestrian, and won ribbons at the State and National level.
  4. One thing you want to do before you die? I want to see Great White sharks off the coast of South Africa.
  5. One food you can't live without? Uuuughhhh.... I love food. Probably cake. Can all cake count? All cake. And if it had to be something I could live off of, I'd say Surf 'n' Turf, with filet and lobster.
  6. What motto do you live by? "Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to no one."
  7. What is your favorite song of the moment? "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson f. Bruno Mars
  8. What is your personal style? I'd call my day to day style casual chic. I like to incorporate current trends into my wardrobe but it is primarily comfortable, livable clothes. My formal style would be classic, for sure - tea length dress, heels and pearls, the works.
  9. Favorite number? 4, which I know is a bad luck number in many Asian cultures (possibly others) because of it's association with death, which could be part of the reason it came to be my favorite, which is a story too long and boring I won't tell you. You'd think I would pick seven, being a degenerate gambler and all, but nope, it's four.
  10. What are two hobbies? Reading and collecting Disneyana. I think that's on this blog somewhere already, sorry.
  11. What are your pet peeves? The sound of swallowing and know-it-alls.
  12. What are your guilty pleasures? Not guilty, but definitely regrettable, LOL, would be The Vampire Diaries (TV and books), chocolate anything, too much makeup and Tiffany's.
Whoo yaya, that was fun~! Now if I haven't bored you all to sleep leave me a comment with your favorite question and what YOU would answer! Also if you want to chat, or complain, or whatever, that is fine too. Have a lovely Saturday and I will see you on Tuesday! Pleasant journeys~


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Weekly Posting Schedule

HiHi! Okay sooooo... good news and bad news. Or all good news, depending on how you look at it. I dunno, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. After giving things a lot of thought, and considering the series I'd like to do, I am going to make a - le gasp - set schedule.

So - there will be no more weekly schedule updates. The only time a posting update will occur is if I plan to switch one of that weeks set posts for a one-time alternative OR if I am changing the schedule all together. What this means for you is that you will. a) Know in advance what type of post will be coming, and on what day. b) Will not know the subject matter of said post beforehand. This will hopefully give me a little more flexibility when it comes to creating content and hopefully make it easier to have regular updates. AND as a bonus, I will be making three guaranteed posts a week. Boo ya.

With this comes the second of several series I'd like to do in the future. Because I will not be doing weekly scent reviews, I am going to be starting the Fragrance Face-Off. What will happen during this time is that I will compare and contrast two scents and then declare my favorite based on the total star rating they get. More will be explained in the first Face-Off post, but this will still be a review system - only I am also comparing two scents against each other.

So without further ado, the new weekly schedule will look a little something like this:

  • Monday: Dark
  • Tuesday: Anatomy of a Scent (scent notes series)
  • Wednesday: Dark
  • Thursday: Dark
  • Friday: Fragrance Face-Off (scent review series)
  • Saturday: (Siesta Possible)
  • Sunday: Blogger's Choice
So, that's the breakdown. If you're not sure what "dark" days are, it's a theatre term - those are the days I will not be making any (scheduled) posts. Blogger's Choice will, of course, by the day I talk about whatever the flonq I want to. I hope everyone is excited - I know I am!

Pleasant journeys~

Episode 27: Cocoa Pink (or, You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper)

Hi. On time. Woo hoo! Begin.

Cocoa Pink

To begin, let me say this - my introduction to the brand Cocoa Pink was less than stellar. I'd heard the hype, saw the cult following and was recommended by some friends. So I decided to give them a try. Womp womp. I really didn't enjoy the scents I had chosen. I'd ordered six sample drams and of the six, three were awful, two were so-so and one was wearable. I decided this wasn't the brand for me and put them aside. Then something happened. About the same time, a few weeks later, I received a Cocoa Pink (here after called the acronym CP) sample product in an indie makeup subscription. I also pulled out one of those so-so scents and tried it again. This time, it smelled... well, pretty darn good. So I tried the sample I was given. THAT, my friends, smelled like heaven. So I went back to CP, for good.
Overview: The Cocoa Pink website provides the following information - "CocoaPink offers fresh handmade from scratch (not pre-made bases) bath & body products that are SLS & paraben free.  All of our products are custom made especially for you at the time you place your order." The selection of products they offer is large, and more varied than most other brands I shop with. They have the usual range of fragrance and body care, but also offer hair care, facial care and more, ah, personal items. Among the unique are also included a custom party favor offer and a cute, branded, canvas tote. The scent catalog is large, but not overwhelming, and is easy to understand. Some scents are permanent, while others change seasonally.
Fave Items: Perfume (you can select an alcohol or oil carriers - just choose either the oil roll-on or the alcohol based spray. I prefer the alcohol for these scents, but that is up to the wearer). Whipped Dream lotion. Ends With Benefits Hair & Body Fragrance Mist.
Not a Huge Fan: Soft Bubbles Sugar Scrub.
One of the best things about Cocoa Pink is that many of their catalog items can be scented with the fragrance of your choice. Which means if you love a particular product, you don't have to hope your scent is in stock - you just choose what fragrance you want at the time you place your order and you'll be set. I have a lot of fun mixing and matching different scent combos (super enjoyable with the Princess Poo and Shine Sweetie shampoo and conditioner). Here are some of the scents that I personally* like and dislike.
Scent Yay!: Fear of Ghosts, Myrtles Plantation, Venetian Waltz
Scent Just Ok: Masquerade Ball, Sleigh Ride, Warm Mittens
My favorite scent of all time forever from Cocoa Pink is BLACK BLOOD this scent is made by unicorns, OMG get some now.
There is no rating since this is a rec, not a review but I would definitely give it a thumbs up. I think Cocoa Pink is a great gateway company for those who have only used more mainstream scents (the CP catalog includes a lot of scent "types" that recreate popular products) and the six single drams for $18 USD is an excellent way to explore the scent catalog. Why not shop them here? And as always I get no kickbacks for anything you choose to buy, this is just my personal recommendation, and I hope others enjoy!

Nothing else to say. I want to shop now. Pleasant journeys~

* Remember my taste in scent is different than yours, so don't be afraid to try any that I do not prefer! You might love them!

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15th - February 21st Posting Schedule

I am a little behind the ball one this one - with the holiday in the US, I forgot that the new week was already starting! I am going to try to stay on track with the posts, but I have a lot of school work to catch up on so things might get sketchy. Just letting ya know.

  • Wednesday (February 18th): Brand recommendation - Cocoa Pink
  • Saturday (February 21st): Review of Prada Candy Florale (Sephora Favorites Spring Sampler)
I am doing an indie rec and a review high end scent - and just to pique your interest, included in the brand rec will be a brief overview of some of the products, the business practices and my personal favorite scent from the brand. I hope it will be helpful for anyone considering buying from Cocoa Pink!

So until then, adieu, farewell and pleasant journeys~

Episode 26: Sandalwood in Perfume (or, Sandal-would you like a new series?)

So I am kinda, sorta back on the radar and I was thinking that I wanted to do a series of posts that highlighted some popular scent notes - in particular ones that I personally either like or dislike. But I also see tons of questions out there like "wtf is vetiver" or "how do I know if tonka smells good on me" because people don't really understand what the ingredient translates to, scent wise. Obvi, what I smell isn't what you smell which is also why I will present a selection of sourced, clinical information as well as my opinion.

Sound good? Bad? Indifferent? I know I have one other series running - the Siesta series, which hasn't had an addition of late (because Siestas are bonus posts and I have been yadda yadda yadda...) but this will be a fairly regular feature that will also accept requests. So, Imma gonna try it, no?

Genus Santalum

Okay peeps here's the deets. Genus santalum aka Sandalwood can come from either the Indian sandalwood tree, Hawaiian sandalwood tree or the Australian sandalwood tree, and the species within those categories. It has a slightly yellow cast, due to the yellow color of the wood its self. It has been used for centuries in medicinal, aromatherapy and religious aspects. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are all noted for using sandalwood within the religious practices, but its use isn't limited to those particular religions.
Sandalwood Leaf via Wikipedia
The fragrance of sandalwood is reported to be warm, rich, sweet, soft, floral and woody. It is a very long-lasting wood scent, and also makes a good fixative, helping more volatile scent compounds extend their longevity. It is popular in most types of perfume, including oriental, fougère, woody and chypre scents. Its sweet, soft wood scent makes it ideal in women's floriental-type scents. It is a popular base note and is found in many popular fragrances, such as Calvin Klein's Obsession, Thierry Mugler's Angel and Juicy Couture's  Viva La Juicy. (Information via Wikipedia and Aromaweb)
Sandalwood Oil via Austoils
For me, personally, as a wearer of fragrance, sandalwood is a very important base note. In my fragrance wardrobe, it acts as a staple - sandalwood is the milk of my perfume library. Ha. It also has a very nostalgic scent. Because sandalwood isn't an ingredient that goes in and out of fashion, there has never been a time in my life when I don't remember sandalwood in perfume, or incense, or candles. Unlike, say, frankincense or myrrh which I like cold but are hit or miss on the drydown, sandalwood never ever ever lets me down. On my skin, sandalwood is warm, slightly sweet and woody - but not heavy. It is always light, unless paired with heavier ingredients. I actually love all woods, but sandalwood is bae.
So there you have it, the beginning of a new series. Not sure yet how often I will post but I think at least bi-weekly for sure. I am also wavering between my choices for next week. I am thinking vetiver, neroli or bergamot. All three show up often, but sometimes it is hard to tell what they are doing for you! If you have an opinion or suggestion, please leave them in the comments below and as always pleasant journeys~

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No Posts? Why? Life Update (or, It's Personal)

Hey all, I am really sorry that there hasn't been a new post in a week, and why this week's post vanished into the ether. It wasn't pure laziness on my part (although that does happen). Without further ado here's an (abridged) update as to why I haven't been posting.

Long ago, far away there was a girl who loved coffee. She loved it so much, she drank as much as possible. When she was thirteen she was ordering lattes and mochas. By fifteen she'd graduated to black coffee. Then at seventeen she discovered Turkish coffee and Espresso Doppio. The addiction went on from there.
It culminated in a caffeine addiction that was mind-boggling. And, as such things do, it had nasty side-effects. Her stomach began hurting, all the time, and nothing could ease the pain but time and anti-acids. Eventually not even that helped, and after a week of excruciating pain, she went to the doctor, begging for relief.
"Here is something that will help", he said, "but no more coffee!"
And thus she was forced to say goodbye, desperately, to her life-long love.

I'm not out of the woods, yet. I still have a lot of pain, but it is improving now. I just haven't been able to do any posting. I probably won't do any for the rest of this week, either. I hope you'll forgive me! In the meantime, if you have any scents or companies you'd like to see me talk about, leave them in the comments below! Have a Happy Valentine's Day and pleasant journeys~

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 8th - February 14th Posting Schedule

I am so, so sorry my little parakeets, but this week I must do even less than the normally zero amount of posts I usually do. Because of illness I missed a lot of school work this past week, and so I will be scrambling, trying to make it up. So, I am going to do one post, a Valentine's Day gift guide. One selection, each, for gifting to a special girl or guy. So keep an eye out.

  • Wednesday (February 11th) - Valentine Gift Post of DOOM
 If you have thoughts on the perfect gift for a guy or a girl, let me know in the comments below, OR e-mail them to

Pleasant journeys~

Episode 25: Just Beeee Yourself (or, Balenciaga B.)

I LOVE thee way Balenciaga packages their scents - I think their bottle designs managed to be both simple and beautiful, without ever coming off too modern. So of course I pick up a sample of ever new Balenciaga scent, just to see if I can find something wearable to justify the vanity-candy. Balenciaga B. is the latest attempt, so let's see how that goes, shall we?

Balenciaga B. 

Balenciaga does romantic florals really, really well. They also do modern florals very well. When it comes to Balenciaga's feminine catalog, the scents strike me as so very floral. There are some floral varieties, of course. Cristobal strikes me as one that was marketed as a Oriental, but I'd have to say with wear the floral notes become quite prominent. Another gorgeous flacon, though. I'm getting off track - what I want to say is that Balenciaga does floral well, and B. is no exception. Available in several sizes ranging from a .33 fl oz roller ball for $25 USD to a 2.5 fl oz EDP for $145 USD, all but the roller come in the lovely frosted glass bottle, and arching cap.
The top notes of Lily of the Valley, Violet and Edamame are tricky. I don't smell the lily, but violet has a tendency to go powdery and make people think "old lady". This should be balanced out by the greenness of the edamame, but instead it just smells a bit unclean. The mid notes of Orris Root and Cedar make an uncomfortable pairing - one I love, one I hate. Unfortunately I can only smell my (undesired) Orris root here. On the drydown B. is redeemed with Ambrette Seed and Cashmeran Woods. In my opinion these are some of the fresher base notes one could choose, especially since Balenciaga wanted to create a "green woody fragrance...represent(ing) a woman unveiling her most essential self." They are successful, in that extent.
Promo image from
 Balenciaga B. tries very hard to be something, and it almost makes it. Despite the tempering influence of the Cashmeran Woods and the Cedarwood heart, the overwhelming sensation is of a strange, green and powdery thing. If it were my scent, I would have removed the violet and Orris root (that don't play well with my body chemistry) and replaced them with a sparkling orange blossom at the top and  heavy, clean rose hip to bolster the heart. In that way, the signature Balenciaga floral composition isn't lost, but the greenness on top is bolstered and the essential heart is anchored. Just a thought, anyways.
Rating - ♦♦♦: Although Balenciaga's B. is seemingly trying to reinvent the wheel, but the refusal to give up the violet that worked much better in Paris has put a wobble in. Some people like a wobbly wheel, though - tones the muscles. If that's you, buy it here.

I do love Paris and  Florabotanica although the former goes SOOOO powdery on me. It's the cursed violet, I tell you - old ladies used violet water and they smell old, hence violet smells old. See how impenetrable my logic is? HA HA! Pleasant journeys~

Episode 24: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (or, Where Are You?)

I'm slamming these posts up because I am like, 8 million light years behind schedule. The review for Balenciaga B. should be up within 24 hours of this, but you know - don't quote me or anything. This is going to be an unpleasantly short review, so I apologize in advance.

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Let's start off with disclosure - this was tested from a sample, received gratis with a purchase that I believe I made from Bloomingdale's but may have been Sephora. Regardless, the important part is that you note I tested from a sample spray vial. With that out of the way, let's talk about this fragrance. The newest in the popular Miss Dior family of fragrances, Blooming Bouquet is "the couture spirit of Dior in a sparkling and sensual essence" according to press material. The notes include Sicilian Orange Essence, Pink Peony, Damascus Rose and White Musks. It is available in 1.7 fl oz for $75 USD and 3.4 fl oz for $98 USD. If you shop around you may also be able to find other forms and sets of the scent, for Valentine's Day.
Promo Image via
So what do I think? I think this might be a very pretty scent... if you could actually smell it. I don't know if my sample came from a bad batch or what - I had to literally rub my arm under my nose to catch a whiff of this scent, and that was after I had doused myself in it. I even went to Sephora before writing this, in hopes I could try the scent from the bottle, but the Sephora I visited, sadly, did not carry this variation. (At least, not yet.) So, with sillage poor and longevity poor, I cannot recommend this scent.
Rating: ♦♦ - I very, very strongly recommend that you to not buy this scent sight unseen. The little I could smell was pleasant, but I would caution any shoppers to make sure you verify how much fragrance expands from you, and if you are okay with that. If you want to go for it well, that's on you. Buy it here.
I told ya, short and sweet. One of the most disappointing scents I have reviewed yet. I really hope that it was just the sample vial giving me trouble, and I will update this review if any new information about the scent comes my way. If you have this perfume, and like it, let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts, whether good or bad. Pleasant journeys~

Episode 23: Damn Near Edible (or, The Pleasing Aromas of Food)

Because the sense of taste and smell are so closely tied, there is no surprise that comes from finding some of your favorite fragrances are modeled after aromas you find pleasing. I personally love vanilla, cocoa, mint and orange. However, I dislike lemon, lime, strawberry and toasted coconut. Although it doesn't stand entirely to reason that I dislike the flavor variations (for example, I do like to eat strawberries, and vanilla is one of my least favorite flavors of all time), there is usually some correlation. But I'm not here to lecture to you. I just want to talk about some of the amazing scents whose sources taste great or vice versa. So let's do the thing.

The Pleasing Aromas of Food

Perfumery has been going on for thousands of years, so we can deduce that at its' inception, the art of perfume making was forced to work with natural ingredients that were available. At the time, this would have only included organic compounds, which is why so many of our fragrance notes now are derived from nature. Citrus, floral, wood, these are all organic compounds. (All though of course, not every scent is organic in nature. One that pops up with frequency in the scents I prefer is gunpowder.) The scents created by man, that later were added to creative perfumery are many fewer than those pulled from nature. Not surprisingly, the food we eat often pleases us aromatically as well.
Our senses are complicated, and so is our understanding of why they exist as they do. It is possible that our sense of taste and smell helped our ancestors find and determine which foods were safe to eat. Pleasant food scents would therefore be preferred, and the unpleasant avoided. Although we each have our own personal preference when it comes to the scents in perfume, that idea of "good" and "bad" food scents still remains.
For example, many scents used synthesized versions of ingredients that could be costly in it's natural form. There are also those scents whose chemistry breaks down quickly when not properly extracted, such as grapefruit. Despite the idea that "fake" is bad and "natural" is better, many of these chemical forms have surpassed their original scent inspiration in both lasting power and potency, with the addition of being more pleasing on the nose. (It is rumored that some people find natural grapefruit to smell of body odor.) Although not a popular perfume note, it is the same with cilantro. Many people love both the scent and flavor, but others (perhaps yourself included) find it hard to swallow, so to speak. Those who dislike cilantro seem to be in agreement that it possesses a "soapy" scent and taste. I personally love cilantro and don't find anything soapy about it!
Of course, it is safe to say that those scents were are attracted to belong to the edibles we find most pleasing to the palate. Just as babies quickly learn to prefer sweet foods over salty or sour, so do we, in general prefer the sweeter citrus, fruits, herbs and spices in our scents. As a matter of fact, the entire category of "gourmand" scents gained popularity in the early 1990's, due to the commercial success of Thierry Mugler's Angel (source). Now, it is difficult to find a scent without even just one or two of the traditionally "gourmand" notes. But despite the sense that everyone loves sweets, many people do not enjoy the cloying heaviness of a gourmand scent.
Fresh citrus, juicy fruits and astringent herbs are all edible morsels whose scents translate into popular perfumes. Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue is a wonderful fragrance with a hint of lemon. For berry, I've become particularly attached to Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose, a light and lovely scent. The refreshing herbal scent of lavender is an ever-popular addition, and one of my favorites from the Jo Malone Amber & Lavender cologne. With so many edible, incredible scents to choose from, which one is your fave? Let me know down in the comments!

I am so, so sorry for the massive delay on this post. I came down with a sinus + ear infection and didn't have the brain capacity to finish the last ten percent or so. Regardless of my bad timing, I hope this discussion post inspired you, and I'd love to hear what you have to say about "edible" scents! Have a fave? Trying something new? let me know in the comments below! Pleasant journeys~