Friday, January 16, 2015

Episode Nineteen: Shhh...Secretly, Candles (or, Victoria's Secret Candle Gift Set)

I want to make one thing very clear - Victoria's Secret Fall/Winter candles have left rotation in the Semi-Annual Sale, and I have not yet been able to determine if new scents will be released for Spring or Summer. They may not be back until next Fall, or they may not be back again, ever. I hemmed and hawed about this, but in the end I was so impressed by the performance of these candles I decided to write about them anyways, knowing full well most people may not be able to purchase them. I hope VS does Spring/Summer scents. I will be sure to purchase, if they do.

*** You can, also, buy candles in fragrance gift sets. Mostly those are Holiday items, but they may offer some for Valentine's Day coming up. ***

Victoria's Secret Candle Gift Set

I am not going to discuss the actual fragrances themselves, although I will tell you what they are, how well they perform, and which ones I prefer. I am mainly going to review the performance of the candles, which I found to be very good for nearly votive sizes. Each candle in the set is 56g/2 oz and there are five different scents. Midnight Sky, Pink Musk, Vanilla Noir, Luminous Amber and Sparkling Woods. The set originally retailed for $40 USD, I paid $14 USD on sale.
Burn Time: The set doesn't specify a length of burn time, but I have found that for candles around this size you can usually expect around 30 hours of burn time. That varies of course, due to wax quality and wick material, which affect how hotly the candle will burn, and how fast the wax will melt. I have yet to burn a full candle from this set, but from what I've seen, these will have quite a long burn time for their size.
Quality: Because VS is not longer selling the candles, very little information is available on their website about the candles themselves. However, because Victoria's Secret is owned by L Brands, who own the powerhouse candle distributors Bath & Body Works, I would imagine they follow a very similar recipe. VS candles are not the same as BBW candles, though, let me stress. In fact, I found that over all the quality of the VS candles was in fact higher than a BBW candle of the same size. They are also sightly more expensive, as a 14.5 oz candle at VS ran $25 USD as opposed to the $22.50 price point at Bath & Body Works.
Scent Throw: Now this is where both my excitement and my sadness kick in - excited because I was very pleased with the performance of these candles, sad that they are no longer for sale. These candles burn very slowly, and kick off an excellent throw. It took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to build a full melt pool (in a 56g candle, no less) but the throw had filled my entire bedroom after only about 30 minutes of burning. It was extremely unexpected - these are not candles that project a very strong throw while cold, so for it to be that strong, that quickly, I was heartily impressed.
Fragrance: Each scent is quite unique from the others, and all five give off an equally strong throw, despite some having a deeper scent, and some having a lighter scent. The deeper scents (Midnight Sky, Vanilla Noir and Luminous Amber, in this case) built up slowly and then hung around for a good amount of time after burning. The lighter scents (Pink Musk and Sparkling Woods) built up quicker (sometimes within ten minutes of lighting the candle) but also fade faster once the candle is cold again. All in all, I found the scent quality while the candle was burning to be very high for all five and whether you want a deep or lighter scent would be personal preference (I enjoyed Midnight Sky the most).
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Rating: ♦♦♦♦ - I am extremely impressed with the quality of these candles for the price, and I sincerely hope that Victoria's Secret chooses to release new scents for the upcoming seasons. I would really like to add a 14.5 oz 3-wick to my collection, and the lovely packaging doesn't hurt, either. A solid home fragrance choice! (No shopping links, unfortunately) :(
 Again, I am so sorry if you can't find these candles on sale at your local VS anymore - they don't have them at mine, either, only a week after I purchased this set (I wanted a full size Midnight Sky, but they were gone girl, gone). Hopefully they release more scents for Valentine's Day or Spring/Summer, until then we'll always have Paris. Err.. I mean, pleasant journeys~

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