Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Episode Twenty: Love is All Around (or, Indie Valentines)

Many indie perfume companies are doing special and/or limited releases for Valentine's Day. I think perfume is an excellent Valentine's gift, and some of these releases are really exciting me, so I wanted to make mention of these in time to get your grubby little paws on them. Oh and don't worry your pretty little head - I am going to put up the pheromones in scented products post but I need to do a little more research. As for these indies, well, let's talk.

Indie Valentine's Releases

Darling Clandestine - Will be releasing some Valentine scents exclusively starting January 26th. The company Facebook page has mentioned that these will be the only products in stock for a week or so, so you should have plenty of time to get a hold of them. The releases will include a trio of LE fragrances, a solid gourmand called Coma Cluster and a run of Blue Valentine. I'm going to do my best to get my hands on all of DC's releases, but Coma Cluster I am looking forward to, especially. Shop here.
Haus of Gloi - They've recently released information about their Valentine's offerings and it looks like a nice selection with something for everyone. I see gourmand, floral, fruity and oriental/musk so I definitely don't think that anyone will have a problem finding a scent they like. Most scents will also be released in several formats so even if perfume oil isn't your thing, the lovely Pumpkin butters or Whipped Soaps are sure to delight. The scents were released through the HoG newsletter, so I don't have the full list, but I'm going to try and get my hands on Come Hither for sure. Shop here.
Alchemic Muse - She's already released her holiday scents and there are some doozies here. You can find descriptions of all the scents and the forms they are offered in on the company's Facebook page, and I'd jump on anything you like since it has been out for a few days already. I'm going to pick up Voodoo, and perhaps something in Jezebel, but I also already own the Nostalgia perfume oil and it is a lovely soft scent that I highly recommend, especially if you like tea or smoky floral scents. Shop here.
Black Violet - Has also already released her Valentine's scent which is Limited Edition, in anticipation of her Spring 2015 scent collection releasing on February 6th. The Valentine's edition is called Lokelani which the Black Violet website describes as "key notes of Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang (extremely limited)". I've purchased it of course, because the notes remind me of my beloved  Jasmine Vanilla from Bath & Body Works that I will be talking about later this week. I can't wait to smell it! The Spring '15 scent descriptions will be available on the Black Violet website soon. Shop here.

I leave you with those four. I know there are other perfumers releasing limited scents and I know there are other perfumers for whom I've yet to review any scents, but at this point I am only able to speak to those I buy specifically for personal use. I do have some scents from Alkemia coming, though, which I can't wait to review!

And once again I find myself posting late. I apologize as usual; the start of the spring semester put me a little off kilter. It may take a few weeks for me to figure out the balance of homework and free time so until then I will try my best to at least post in the week I specify! I mean... I'll try... *hides*
Pleasant journeys~

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