Thursday, December 18, 2014

Episode Fourteen: What's an Opoponax? (or, diptyque's Five Candle Winter Fragrance Set)

I think it is up to personal opinion what one wants to/is willing to spend on home fragrance, candles in particular. I own a variety of candles, from AirWick to lovely items by BYREDO and Frédéric Malle. Even if you don't burn them, a nice candle can be a beautiful accent that will still lightly fragrance your home. One of my favorite brands is the classic diptyque, and they offer some lovely Holiday products. So now I want to give you and in-depth breakdown and review of the five candle Winter Fragrance Set. Let's go.

diptyque Winter Fragrance Set

The set that I own is the five candle set, and was purchased by me, for my own personal use from the Bloomingdale's Space.NK boutique. This is a lovely set that retails for $75USD and is worth every penny if you prefer heavier, winter scents like I do. The set is curated carefully by diptyque to create a warm, winter atmosphere, and it does a lovely job. The five scents included are as follows:
  • Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) - "A blend of rare woods, evoking a cracking wood fire"
  • Pomander - "Like an aromatic Christmas orange studded with cloves  and cinnamon"
  • Ambre (Amber) - "The mystery of a rare substance, with woody and leathery accents"
  • Opoponax - "A resin extracted from shrubs native to Persia, with balsamic notes"
  • Genévrier (Juniper) - "The spicy, woody fragrance of an ancient conifer, warmed by a smoky touch"
Each candle in the set is the small, 35g votive size, but they burn cleanly and have nice throw. At this size, the scents won't fill your entire house, but they do perfume a small to medium size room very nicely. The presentation is superb, diptyque has done a lovely job of showcasing the set without making it seem too "Christmas-y". Unfortunately, I was to discover as I began writing this post, that the five candle set is no longer available. However I will have links below where you can find the scents that are available as individuals, as well as the ten candle set, which is still in stock.

Promotional image from
 From this set my favorite is Feu de Bois. It has such a lovely woodsmoke scent, as if you were sitting by the burning Yule log. My least favorite is Pomander. It smells very much like a very heavy, musky perfume (although it is much improved on burning). Biggest disappointment is Pomander again. I so much wanted it to be more spicy than it really is. Biggest surprise is a tie between Opoponax and Genévrier. Both were scents that I expected to not enjoy as much as the others, but both are lovely when burning. It is hard to tell cold with these two, you really need to burn them to get the full scent profile. All the candles burned very evenly and although I cannot find an estimated burn time for the 35g candles, the standard candles estimate a 50 - 60 hour burn time, so I am guesstimating the 35g candles at approximately 15 hours. (source:
 Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ - I think it is impossible to go wrong with these scents as a candle lover. Also, should you chose to splurge on the ten candle set, you can easily break them up and give them as gifts. The ten set contains the five here as well as Santal, Cyprès, Myrrhe, Oranger, and Roses and retails for $130USD. It can still be purchased at Nordstroms. Buy it here. You can also purchase all but Genévrier as full sizes from the diptyque website, and three of the scents (Feu de Bois, Ambre, and Pomander) are available in the 70g mini candle size. Buy them here. *NEW* I've continued to look and Space.NK is selling the five candle set again. You can now purchase the set detailed in this review here.

Honestly, that was like pulling teeth. It is waaay past the time I wanted to have this posted and I still need to proofread. I am really sorry, I should have checked to see if the set was still in stock last week when I made the posting announcement, but honestly I didn't expect there to be any problems - last time I was online it was still in stock everywhere. Not sure what happened, but my bad. Hope you have a lovely day and pleasant journeys~

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