Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Episode Thirteen: Coffee and Almonds and Sugar, Oh My! (or, Affogato by Black Violet)

Oh my god hi, how are you what day is this. Seriously I have been running amok trying to get everything sorted for the Holidays. When I am done here I am meant to be wrapping presents - I have to post some things soon or they might not arrive in time! That's not why you're reading though. You want to find out about Affogato. Okay, onward!

Affogato by Black Violet

Black Violet Perfume Vault & Bathory is a lovely independent perfumer whom I think makes really divine, easy to wear scents. Her blends are distinct enough that you don't get bored, but are not overwhelming, especially for those who don't normally wear scents with multiple accords. This sounds bad as I am writing it, but it is not - it is a really nice thing which I feel makes Black Violet's fragrances quite accessible to a large group of people (the key to lasting success, don'tcha know). Affogato is, at the time of this writing, part of the permanent BV catalog. It is a nice gourmand with broad reach, which I think will satisfy those who want a sweet gourmand and those who prefer a smoother gourmand.
Black Violet describes Affogato as "buttery vanilla drowned in espresso, burnt sugar & a drizzle of amaretto liqueur." which I find to be a very accurate description. Immediately on application I could smell the espresso, it was rich and smooth and almost like cacao, but distinctly coffee. Much to my sadness, this delectable top note vanished quickly and I was gifted with a buttery, creamy amaretto heart. I love almond accords, so I was very pleased at the richness of the heart of this scent. As it dried down the sweet, soft brown sugar began peeking through. Not one moment of this scent was unpleasant - it was sweet enough to be drool-worthy and rich and smooth enough to smell sophisticated, not childish.

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In all, I would say that Affogato is an excellent choice for someone unfamiliar with Black Violet or their scent catalog. It is also going to appeal to gourmand fans, and those who prefer not to have to think about their perfume. I wore this for easily four hours before I washed my hands and most of the scent dissipated. It also had moderate sillage. A good choice for anyone who enjoys a nice gourmand.
Rating: ♦♦♦♦ - Affogato is lovely and very versatile, but there is a wide range of coffee & liqueur scented gourmands on the market, which holds this one back from being extremely unique. Where to buy? Black Violet is closed for the holidays, so I will link the scent when she reopens!

Annnd there you have it. You also have your first taste of my shitty photography, made shittier by a cell camera and terrible light. Well, I hit it in Photoshop, but I am lazy and so it looks pretty half-assed. It is. Anyways I am going to go back to enjoying my delicious, delicious holiday foods because this perfume made me hungry. The sign of a good gourmand. Pleasant journeys~



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