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Episode Ten: Pretty, Pretty Candlelight (or, Festival of Lights by Yankee Candle)

This is just a mini review because honestly, there isn't much to say about this candle that isn't already found on the review page for the item on Yankee Candle's website. Nevertheless, my thoughts.

Festival of Lights by Yankee Candle

I am reviewing the 22oz, single-wick, Large Jar candle, which I am preeeettty sure (not positive, so don't get mad) that is the only size and version this comes in. The candle its self is gorgeous - a beautiful, lit Menorah graces the label and stars twinkle on a background of white snow lit by the soft lights. The candle is a deep, midnight blue. One of the most beautiful candles I own. Although a seasonal candle (the designated fragrance collection is "Festive"), this is also one of their "limited" scents which means that it will not be available in all stores, and is available only in limited quantities online. However, I have found that most stores still carry these limited scents, even if they don't put it on the shelf, so if you are looking for Festival of Lights at your local Yankee Candle store, make sure you ask if you don't see it!
Yankee Candle describes the scent as "A blend of savory spices, rich cinnamon and sweet potpourri to celebrate the season". Many customers have pointed out that this is another recycled version of the popular  Home Sweet Home scent, and I tend to agree. The biggest difference is that when I cold sniff Festival of Lights (hereafter abbreviated as FoL) I get a massive dose of metallic twang, the olfactory equivalent of sucking on an empty metal spoon. It isn't unpleasant to me, quite the opposite. It takes a generic scent and makes it interesting. Once lit, however, the scent (which my mind imagines to be the scent of a flickering candle) is extremely faint, and doesn't throw at all. In fact I agree with a lot of the other customers, that over all FoL just doesn't have a big throw. Enough for a small to medium room only, even in the large jar. Perhaps if this were the large tumbler, the throw would be better.
The burn time for this candle, on the other hand is quite good. I've had it for a year now, and have spent I'd imagine about 80 hours burning this candle and it is half finished. Yankee Candle estimates the large jar's burn time at 110-150 hours, so this will definitely fall on the long side of that. I find that most of YC's candles with dark wax are very slow to burn, FoL being no exception. It takes at least four hours to build up a full melt pool even with the wick kept trimmed. Because of the heavy glass,, I usually burn my YC candles a bit longer than my other brands, but I am still only getting about two hours of full strength when burning FoL.
In all, I'd say that this is a lovely candle to have in your collection, especially if you like to burn candles seasonally. There aren't a huge selection of Hanukkah candles widely available, so that makes FoL a nice way to remember that there are other holidays this time of year as well as Christmas. I'd say add this to your collection, but only if you plan on taking advantage of YC's  buy two, get two free or other deals. Unfortunately, when it comes to Yankee Candle in most cases the quality doesn't justify the price, so make sure you maximize your savings!

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Rating: ♦♦♦ - I'd prefer to buy it for its' aesthetic beauty as opposed to its' scent, but if you are getting sick of the same old Christmas candles everywhere, Festival of Lights is a very nice alternative. Buy it here.

So what started as a mini review turned into a full review. My bad... not really. Another review is coming up on Friday and then more reviews next week, holy shit. Can you handle it? I hope I can. Pleasant journeys~

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