Saturday, December 20, 2014

Episode Fifteen: Red Moon? It's Red Moon, right? (or, Luna Rossa by Prada)

So for a while (perhaps they still do) had Prada Luna Rossa as a GWP purchase when you used the code YOURGIFT. I didn't know anything about the scent, but I picked up several because they were excellent sized and came in a lovely case. Turns out Luna Rossa  is a men's scent, but that is okay because I think it is damn near perfection. Let's find out why.

Luna Rossa by Prada

For a masculine scent, Prada has done quite a nice job creating something that will appeal to both men and women in Luna Rossa. The packaging is sleek, masculine and nicely evokes the energy of the sailboat it was named after. It is available in 1.7 fl oz, 3.4 fl oz, and 5 fl oz from There is also a good selection of grooming products available in the scent, so you can round out your collection. (This includes a deodorant - oh god, how amazing would a dude smell with this deodorant? I am having an apoplexy thinking about it.)
The notes of Luna Rossa are fairly tradition, but Prada has done a lovely job reworking them into something dynamic and sensual (their words). The nose behind this scent is Daniela (Roche) Andrier ( so I suppose it is she whom we should thank for this combination.
Top Notes - Lavender Absolute, Bitter Orange
Mid Notes - Clary Sage, Spearmint
Base Notes - Ambroxan, Ambrette Absolute
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 Okay, so I don't know about you but I had to Google "ambroxan". Apparently it is the chemical form of Ambergris - did not know that. And "ambrette" is a medicinal plant seed that gives off a musky fragrance - the more you know, right? I am really impressed by the scent created here - at the top it is sweet, spicy and slightly floral. The lavender and bitter orange are both easily detected by my nose, and they make a pleasant combination. As it dries down the scent becomes more astringent - yet it remains sweet. Although I can't put my finger on it, I am guessing this is due to the spearmint. The dry down is musky, spicy but still slightly sweet. It is clean though, and definitely a "sporty" type of scent. This is nicely unisex in my opinion, but men take note! I've seen in reviews of this scent by men that claim to find the base somewhat off-putting. Despite being a men's "cologne" (Luna Rossa comes in EDT), this might be a scent more suited to a woman in a masculine workplace - dynamic and strong but still fresh enough to be feminine.
My Rating: ♦♦♦♦ - I love this scent but seeing the reactions online from male consumers gives me pause. It is possible that Luna Rossa Extreme would work better for some guys, with its' notes of bergamot and black pepper, but I don't own that to try. As for Luna Rossa, I definitely recommend it for anyone and I think guys will like it a lot more when they see how the ladies in their life react! ;) Buy it here.
Oh god, what a sexist review. Sorry men - I actually reallyreallyreally think this smells amazing on the masculine gender, but it seems that some guys don't feel the same? What I will have to do is have my hubby try it and get back to y'all. Until then I stand by my assertion that this is a great fragrance for men!

I don't know if I will see you all before the new year, so until then, Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Good Yule and have a Happy New Year! Pleasant journeys~

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