Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Recap and an Upcoming Scenario? (or, It's Personal)

Aww shit, y'all this ain't nothin' but a post to blab and brag about what I got for Christmas. Actually this year was a little difficult for me. I'm ill, and my disease has been more hard to manage as of late. (That's why posts come late. I am sorry!) I was really, really hoping to get a decent camera for Christmas, but among all the hustle and bustle, I kind of got... forgotten about. It's not as if I don't pick out the majority of my own gifts anyways but still, I had really hoped for that. Anyways, enough of this sour wine, Imma tell you the good stuff.

  • $500 Gift Voucher to Victoria's Secret (I will talk about some of their scents in the new year)
  • Armani gift set
  • Electric heated throw
  • Portable safe
  • Jo Malone travel candle trio
  • Gold chain (I have the pendent)

Those were the large gifts from my family. My mother also gifted me a beautiful bracelet, in the Alex and Ani style, as well as some hand made gifts. My stocking stuffers were all small, silly but useful goodies. Lots of candy, most of which I have devoured. I also ended up picking up a couple of things late, from LUSH and Sephora so I can't really count them, I don't think.

My family was just as excited as I was - my older son got a tablet to play on, and my younger got a giant Transformer as well as a camouflage soccer ball he saw months ago, and went as far as asking Santa for it. Twice. He's determined, that one. I surprised my husband with some nice slippers and a PlayStation 4. (How useful, since the network promptly went down, right?) To be honest, I don't know if he really wanted one, he's only a casual gamer, but we've been married for more than a decade so sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas, since he is worse than I am about gift suggestions!

In regards to the scent gifts - I've already reviewed the Armani scent, and I don't plan to burn the JM candles, although I'd like to. My husband had them hand painted, though, so it would be a shame. However I will have at least two of the VS scents to review, maybe more depending on what I pick up during the Semi-Annual sale. I also think I am going to doing a New Year's Eve scent suggestions post with some of my pick for scents that would be great to wear out - I'm thinking things like "party", "club", "romantic dinner", "Times Square" et cetera.

I'd love to know if you got any special gifts this year, or if you gave anything you feel satisfied by! Just leave me a comment, and until next time, pleasant journeys~

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