Monday, November 17, 2014

Posting Schedule November 22nd -30th

Hiiiiiii. Little bit longer than I intended to get this up, but it doesn't change anything so there you have it. Let's look at the schedule first:

  • Saturday (November 22nd) - Brand review of Debaucherous Bath and review + yay or nay on their Sankt Nikolaus scent.***
  • Monday (November 24th) - Fragrance review of Dahlia Divin by Givenchy. Any changes to the schedule and next week's posting schedule.
  • Wednesday (November 26th) - The second installment of my guide to shopping for fragrance gifts.
  • No post on Friday (November 28th)
  • Sunday (November 30th) - My top five favorite indie Black Friday releases.

There is always the possibility of a post on Friday or Saturday, if I find an amazing scent whilst shopping and simply must shout it from the rooftops. Prolly won't happen, but it could. And if you so happen to see this before the cutoff date, let me know in the comments below what good deals you're think about picking up. I will probably have some home fragrance posts for you next week. Pleasant journeys~

*** Once again I have to include all these stupid asterisks because at this point in time I don't know if Debaucherous has even SHIPPED my order, much less when it will come. Spoiler alert: they get a frowny face.

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