Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey, hi, how are ya? Let's talk about fragrance.

Hi  y'all! Welcome to Olfactory Exploits, a blog dedicated to the smellier things in life. I am super excited to get started posting for y'all, and I have a lot of good things coming up! I am going to be reviewing Winter/Holiday scents from several popular independent perfumers/bathories, as well as spend the five weeks until Christmas with a potential fragrance gift recommendation for both ladies and gentlemen. Should you not celebrate Christmas, I apologize I have no other holiday-specific posts, but the information can be applied universally!

I will be attempting to post (almost) every other day, and with my finger crossed on how fast USPS can be, this is my tentative outline for the next seven days:

  • Friday (November 14) - Review and recommendations for the Winter line by Alchemic Muse.
  • Sunday (November 16) - My first holiday fragrance gift picks. Also, will announce any changes to the schedule as well as the next week's posting schedule.
  • Tuesday (November 18) - Review and recommendations for the Yule Collection by Haus of Gloi.***
  • Thursday (November 20) - Fragrance review on Pharrell Williams' GIRL.
No posts on Friday or Saturday unless other wise stated. If anything changes this post will be edited, and clearly marked as such. I hope you see something upcoming that interested you, and that you come back to check it out! Pleasant journeys~

*** I am not 100% sure I will have these products by this date, but never fear I have a substitute should the worst happen!

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