Sunday, November 30, 2014

Episode Seven: Dude, Dude, Dude, Dude, Dude (or My Favorite Indie Winter Releases)

*singing* Ohhh, yeahh, indiiieees how I love youuuu!

I'm a terrible singer, I'm sorry. However, what I have for you today is way better than terrible. Top five indie scent releases yo! I'm going to admit to you, before you figure it out for yourself, that due to some circumstances, my selection was limited. I'm not saying people need to figure out their timing, or you know, actually ship things, but it would help. Oh well. Be also forewarned that not all of these items are still available. They are indies, that happens. Onward!

The Freaking Awesome Five 

  1. Hearth Whipped Soap by Haus of Gloi- I was pretty disappointed on whole by the Yule release from Haus of Gloi. I was supposed to review it here, and honestly, I just didn't feel like it. But the star of my order was the lovely whipped soap in the scent Hearth. This was my first time trying the Whipped Soap, and oh god. Oh, oh god. It is divine, like washing yourself with the gold of a leprechaun, or whatever. Amazing stuff. I've ordered 5 more jars. The scent was perfect, too. Hearth exploded in the scent of apples but in a warm way, not a fresh way. It was lovely to breath in, but didn't linger on the skin overlong, which is fine by me. The final restock for the Yule products is Monday, December 1st at noon PST. You can buy it here.
  2. Wassail Perfume Oil by Alchemic Muse - Did you ever go Wassailing as a kid? This scent is my childhood Christmases captured in a bottle. From Alchemic Muse's Facebook page: Wassail is a medieval hot, spiced punch often associated with Yuletide. Juicy apples and orange zest simmering with warm spices of fresh ginger, cinnamon stick, and nutmeg spiked with vintage ale and dark patchouli.This scent smells so good, I could drink it. Unfortunately out of stock for the season, but visit Alchemic Muse's Winter collection to see the other Holiday offerings. There are none that are bad!
  3. Grace by Darling Clandestine - A limited release, Grace is as beautiful as it's name implies. It is an all botanical extract that smells like anise, lemongrass, lavender and so many other good things to my nose. I have not seen DC give mention to any official makeup of this scent, so I am just going by what my nose tells me, which may not mean anything at all. But this is a beautifully clean, complex but never overwhelming fragrance. Its' packaging is to die for, as well, and it really feels like a treasure. It would be higher on this list, if I didn't love the next two so much. Sadly, Grace is out of stock.
  4. Feast Day by Alchimia Apothecary - This is not technically a Holiday release, it was released as part of the Grimm Collection on Halloween. However, I will be wearing this a lot this season, so I had to include it. Feast Day is the scent equivalent of bacon doughnuts, or bacon burgers. It has everything you love in one place, and then tosses in bacon. To show you what I mean, this is from Alchimia's website The notes in this blend are reflected in kind with fresh baked bread, cakes, and clear candied sugar. Trails of burning cedar wrap around the sweetness to meet with the aroma of what can only be described as freshly smoked bacon. Everything you read there is exactly how this perfume smells, and it is glorious. I bought a sample then bought a full size. I'd buy a gallon if I could. Buy it here.
  5. My Lady Ser by Darling Clandestine - Evonne of DC makes the most complex fragrances I've found to date, and My Lady Ser is almost a feat of olfactory physics in a bottle. There is a duality to this scent that I have never, ever in my life experienced. It is the fragrance equivalent to a duochrome pigment - you move one way and it smells like hot, dusty road, hay fields and a hint of hot metal. You turn the next way and it is sunshine, fresh green grass, and a whiff of florals. It is the tired knight returning to his waiting lady. It is complex, but at the same time is easy to wear, not cloying, fresh and yet deep. Very amazing, and I applaud Evonne. This scent is sadly out of stock, but DC has hinted at a potential restock in the new year. I'd keep an eye on her Facebook page and grab this if you can!
And now for a very special treat...

The Two That Made Me Sad

Not everything can be perfect. Here are the two that really disappointed me, and let it be known that I have low standards, so I am rarely disappointed. j/k, j/k.... probably.
  1. Debaucherous Bath - Does a whole company count? Still no product, still no refund, and still ongoing drama. So, so sad because I wanted to try Sankt Nikolaus more than anything else.
  2. Fancy Bread by Haus of Gloi - Smelled like dirty, dirty feet. I gagged. I took one sniff and nearly died gagging. Maybe it is better on the skin, but I will NOT put it on to find out. So, so gross.
That's it! Check out some of these companies, they've got great products. Let me know in the comments what scents, indie or non, that you'll be wearing this Holiday season! Pleasant journeys~

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